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We Want To Know Which Products Have Been Helping You Through Quarantine

Literally any product. We want to know about it.

It's kinda mind-blowing to think we've been dong this whole quarantine thing for about eight months now. From adapting to things like working and learning virtually, to spending more time with family members and roommates, to finding new ways to stay busy at home, it's been a time of learning and adjusting for all of us.


I don't know about you, but I've definitely discovered some wonderful new products during quarantine that have helped make my socially distanced life easier, and more exciting.

One product I've gotten a ton of use out of is my Dash Rapid Egg Cooker. Now that I'm spending more time at home cooking and meal-prepping, it's been so much easier to cook breakfast for myself every day with this thing. Plus, I can make a batch of hard-boiled eggs to keep in the fridge throughout the week for a quick, high-protein snack.

Samantha Wieder / BuzzFeed

Another product I've discovered and now swear by is the Snuggle Puppy! My family is amongst the many that decided to bring home a new puppy a few months into quarantine. This genius product helped calm my dog's nerves and anxiety the first few weeks he was home, and months later, it's still his favorite toy.

Samantha Wieder / BuzzFeed

And I can't forget to mention my Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing: New Horizons! I love that I can spend hours just getting lost in perfecting my island, hanging out with my adorable villagers, and visiting friends at their islands.

BuzzFeed Editor Samantha Wieder's Nintendo Switch with Animal Crossing on the screen
Samantha Wieder / BuzzFeed

So now we wanna know, which products have been helping YOU through quarantine? Whether it's something to make WFH/online learning easier, to something that helps with cooking meals, to a comfy outfit or super breathable mask, or even just something relaxing and fun, we wanna hear all about it. Tell us in the comments below for the chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!