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Where Is Your Favorite Place To Shop For Gifts Online?

We need to know.

Well everyone, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means the holiday season is upon us. The holidays are magical, they're exciting, but also...they can be pretty stressful.


Personally, I find picking out the perfect gifts to be quite overwhelming. And furthermore, figuring out which stores to shop for said gifts. There are just SO. MANY. OPTIONS! So, I want to know your favorite place to shop for holiday gifts on the internet!

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An online store I particularly love for holiday gifts is Etsy! I think handcrafted, unique gifts are SO wonderful, but as someone who lacks artistic ability, I love that I can buy one-of-a-kind, creative presents AND help benefit some really wonderful shop owners.


Another really great place to shop for holiday gifts? Cratejoy! They basically take the guesswork out of picking the perfect gift by delivering a box full of curated items for a wide variety of interests and demographics.


And of course, we can't forget about trusty Amazon! Amazon pretty much has EVERYTHING — plus, being a Prime member is especially helpful during the holiday season. Free two-day shipping is something you can't take for granted during the busiest shopping season of the year, seriously.


But those are just three stores, and there are like, at least a MILLION! So we wanna know your favorite online store to shop for holiday gifts!


Tell us the store and why you love it so much in the comments below for a chance to featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!