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What's Your Best Tip Or Trick For Remembering To Drink Enough Water?

Woohoo for water!

Summer is here, summer is here, SUMMER IS FREAKING HERE, PEOPLE!

Which means the weather is getting hot AF. Which means our bodies are getting dehydrated more easily. Which means we need to consume lots and lots of water.

But sometimes, drinking ALL of the water our bodies need can feel like overload. It's a little hard, we get it.

So, we want to know what YOU do to stay hydrated!

Do you have a water bottle that you absolutely swear by?

How about a special app to motivate you to keep drinking?

Or maybe you just do something innovative and fun that makes getting your daily intake so much easier!

Tell us your tips for staying hydrated (whether they're products, apps, or general tricks!) and why they work so well, and you may be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!