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What Comfy Jeans Do You Absolutely Swear By?

Tell us your faves!

Hey, you! If you've clicked into this post, I'm assuming you own a pair of jeans. You know, those pants that magically go with, like, every top you own, can be worn pretty much wherever, whenever, and just make you look extra good?


Yeah, well sometimes, they suck. They can be tight, constantly fall down on you, and some people might even hate jeans for this very reason.

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So, we wanna know which comfy jeans you absolutely swear by!

Perhaps you're completely obsessed with Khloe Kardashian's size-inclusive line, Good American.

@khloekardashian / Via

Maybe you prefer your denim pants to be from a specific store? Like American Eagle. Their jeans rock.

Or the jeans you like are different, and obscure, but you would never wear a different brand or type. Whatever it is, we want to know! Just one condition:

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They need to be comfy AF!

Tell us the comfiest pair of jeans you own, and what makes them so great for the chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!