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Hey Teens, What Gifts Do You Actually Want For The Holidays?

We need to know.

AHHH the holiday season is upon us, friends. First Turkey Day and then national-argue-with-strangers-in-a-store-over-material-items day, and then the szn of giving the gifts we fought so hard to buy!! BUT I LOVE IT!!!!

And while shopping for and giving gifts is really fun and rewarding, I have to be honest, you teens are a difficult group to shop for. But, I get it. I was a teenager not that long ago (no really, I'm serious).

So, we wanna know what things you guys really want for the holidays. Maybe you recently got a car (or plan on getting one soon) and things that you can use in your new ride would be greatly appreciated, like this bluetooth radio adapter.

Perhaps you'd love to get some tickets to a concert or Broadway show that you've just been dying to see.

Or maybe you're not sure what you'd like right now, but a gift card to your favorite store would be amazing. Or even an Amazon gift card so you can really get anything.

So, teens — or adults who rock at buying killer gifts for teens — we want to know what exactly it is the teens want for the holidays this year. Tell us in the comments below for the chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post! Oh, and PS, we know you want money, tell us TANGIBLE objects, please!!!