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    Updated on Mar 5, 2019. Posted on Jul 10, 2018

    23 Tweets You'll Understand If Trader Joe's Is Your Lifeline

    "Willing to snort Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel seasoning."


    Used to love mosh pits for the aggressive human contact but now I just shop at Trader Joe's on a Sunday

    @Simon_Barrett / Via Twitter: @Simon_Barrett


    God, if you can hear me, please help me find parking at trader joes.

    @DaniellaMonet / Via Twitter: @DaniellaMonet


    I go to Trader Joe's for great deals and the opportunity to whisper "excuse me" 200 times.

    @BillDixonish / Via Twitter: @BillDixonish


    willing to snort Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning

    @lindseyrem / Via Twitter: @lindseyrem


    "We could go to Trader Joe's that'd be fun!" a glimpse into my social life

    @noahsebastian / Via Twitter: @noahsebastian


    My anxiety is never more crippling than when I'm checking out at Trader Joe's trying to figure out if I forgot to grab something

    @sbstryker / Via Twitter: @sbstryker


    I went to Trader Joe’s at 9am to beat the old people and then realized I have become them

    @PhyllisNef / Via Twitter: @PhyllisNef


    If I ever did drugs I'd definitely do Trader Joe's peppermint joe joes

    @daviddeweil / Via Twitter: @daviddeweil


    self-care is buying yourself a microwave meal from trader joe’s for drunchies before you go out for the night :-)

    @torixcat / Via Twitter: @torixcat


    A list of people who need to calm down - everyone in the Trader Joes parking lot

    @LaurenMineau / Via Twitter: @LaurenMineau


    If you plant an avocado seed a hipster and a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Organic Soap and wait 10-12 weeks a Trader Joe’s will sprout up.

    @Big_Cat74 / Via Twitter: @Big_Cat74


    Why can't our government be run with the same friendly efficiency as a Trader Joe's?

    @rainnwilson / Via Twitter: @rainnwilson


    I spent $62 at Trader Joe’s today and I can’t even really explain what I bought or if I can make meals with it

    @jackiecarbajal / Via Twitter: @jackiecarbajal


    Extremely rude how my Trader Joe’s rings the bell every time I lie to myself while shopping for mini desserts.

    @FeralCrone / Via Twitter: @FeralCrone


    It is incredible how uplifted I feel the minute I step into Trader Joe’s. I can go worst mood to best mood just by stepping through those glorious automatic doors.

    @lizrumball / Via Twitter: @lizrumball


    cool date ideas: -Trader Joe’s frozen aisle -Trader Joe’s produce section -Trader Joe’s sample table -Trader Joe’s flower wall -Trader Joe’s snack aisle -Trader Joe’s soup shelves

    @hannahbenson015 / Via Twitter: @hannahbenson015


    going to trader joe's when im depressed

    @teagreenie / Via Twitter: @teagreenie


    Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups are a superfood.

    @guybranum / Via Twitter: @guybranum


    New idea: Bumble, but the only men allowed to sign up are Trader Joe’s employees.

    @danielleeejames / Via Twitter: @danielleeejames


    Have you ever seen such an empty Trader Joe's in your whole life. Have I died and transcended this mortal struggle!?

    @erikhinton / Via Twitter: @erikhinton


    tiddies: out lip gloss: on summer jams: blastin sunglasses: lost deodorant: useless reusable trader joe’s bags: in the passenger seat of my sedan this joke format: woefully misunderstood

    @crungis / Via Twitter: @crungis


    Okay. I'm gonna say it. Trader Joe's employees have Big Dick Energy

    @ashding666 / Via Twitter: @ashding666


    I love Trader Joe’s and its weird community of people who also passionately love this grocery store

    @verytiredkat / Via Twitter: @verytiredkat