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    25 Gadgets That'll Make Your Kitchen Look So Darn Cute

    Products that'll warm your heart... and some that'll warm your food.

    1. An egg cup holder that really just wants to be your knight in shining armor.

    2. A narwhal toothpick dispenser to make getting a toothpick a gNARLY experience.

    3. A set of marshmallow mugs so cute you'll want to eat them up. But don't, they're not real marshmallows, they're mugs!

    4. A holder for your sponge to catch come Zzz's after a long dish-scrubbing session.

    5. A colorful magnet to easily indicate if the dishes inside are clean or dirty.

    6. A slow cooker that's just as functional as it is cute. Truly a win-win situation.

    7. A set of measuring cups practically chirping at the opportunity to perfectly portion out your dry ingredients for you.

    8. A pair of Loch Ness Monster ladles that are anything but scary! These guys are so cute, you'll want to make soup all the time.

    9. A shaker set sure to have you saying "pass the salt, peas!"

    10. A bread cutter for making your sandwiches smile! Literally.

    11. A dinosaur taco holder because eating tacos off a plate is so overrated.

    12. A smiley face pancake pan with the ability to turn non-morning people into morning people.

    13. A set of glasses that'll remind you to be happy! You live in a cute AF kitchen now after all, there's nothing to not smile at!

    14. A mug with a lovely little friend waiting for you inside. Go on, take a sip.

    15. A grilled cheese maker that's anything but cheesy.

    16. A handy contraption who just wants to butter you up. I mean, your corn. He wants to butter up your corn.

    17. A hedgehog that's actually a tea diffuser, but who cares about minor details over something so freakin' adorable?

    18. A unicorn tasked with the magical job of sprinkling your favorite baked treats.

    19. A set of flower measuring spoons to ration ingredients for your blossoming recipes.

    20. A cherry chomper to cheerily get rid of the pits for you.

    21. A magic lamp so you can finally stop wishing you owned something that prevents all the oil from spilling out of the bottle.

    22. A pair of tongs that don't mind suffering an ice-cold touch for you.

    23. A corgi bottle stopper because literally who doesn't love corgis and wine and anything that combines the two of them together?!

    24. A whale strainer that'll have you wishing every night was pasta night.

    25. A cutlery drainer because ELEPHANTS! That is all.