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    If These Products Don't Put A Smile On Your Face, Then Nothing Will

    Don't worry, be happy.

    1. Puffer fish dryer buddies. They'll at least make you happier when you have to do laundry. THEY ARE SO CUTE.

    2. A dinosaur taco holder with the ability to make you the happiest you that you can be. Taco 'bout a magical invention.

    3. A miniature sandbox so you can bring out your inner child and make miniature sandcastles.

    4. A smiley face pancake pan that'll inevitably turn you into a morning person if you aren't one already.

    5. A dog umbrella. If seeing a pupper with an umbrella over its head doesn't bring you immense joy, then I don't know what will.

    6. A toilet mug to fill with your morning coffee, candy, or a potted plant, and make you laugh.

    7. A cheese raclette. I'm pretty sure it's been scientifically proven that gooey, melty cheese causes happiness.

    8. A homesick candle for those moments when your frown is caused by missing the place you call home. Light this baby up, and be transported there without needing to travel.

    9. A mug with an adorable surprise inside. When real people are making you sad, these little guys will help.

    10. A unicorn portable charger. The moment when your phone dies is a sad one, the moment when you can bring it back to life with none other than a magical unicorn is a happy one.

    11. Garden ducks wearing rainboots. I mean, do I really need to say anything else?

    12. A plush kitten dressed as a detective. If this doesn't make your heart happy for at least a second, then I don't know if you have one.

    13. Merlot-infused coffee because coffee can fix a lot of things. Coffee infused with merlot can fix a lot more.

    14. An elephant ring holder who's so cute, you'll want to buy a shit ton of rings, just so you can make use out of this little guy.

    15. A jar of party sprinkles, because little colorful bits of sugar can turn any dessert, and therefore your day, from drab to fab.

    16. A llama doorstopper to stop doors from closing and frowns from forming.

    17. A purr-fect throw pillow case. At the end of a long day it'll make you say "MeWOW, I'm smiling."

    18. A truffle-making kit. There's absolutely nothing that a little chocolate therapy can't fix.

    19. Galaxy lollipops – sometimes you just need an out-of-this-world treat to bring you back down to Earth.

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