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    18 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

    A cutlery cleaning brush, comfy sneakers, and 16 other favorite products from our recent posts.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A glasses holder for safely and easily preventing your lenses from getting dirty. AND LOOK AT HOW SOFT IT IS!

    Promising Review: “I don’t know why I waited so long to get a stand for my glasses. At night I take my contacts out and wear my glasses so I always try to find a safe spot to put them. I’ve looked at padded holders but just never got one, so now I did. It’s great that I know where my glasses are, they’re safe, and they won’t get scratched. Like I said, I don’t know why I waited so long!” —Aliqat

    Price: $9.49 (available in seven colors)

    2. A cutlery brush scrub to clean the germies off your forks, knives, and spoons, making the task of washing dishes much easier.

    Promising Review: “I have no idea where this has been all my life. This is a REALLY effective, fast cleaner for all your knives. I have a large variety of knives and this really gets me to use them more because it makes cleaning and maintenance really simple. Whether it’s a Chinese cleaver, a carbon-steel chef’s knife, or even a long slicer — this makes sure you get all the big stuff off your knives quickly so you can just wipe it down to dry with a regular cloth.” —Sam

    Price: $7.90 (available in two colors)

    3. An FM transmitter for accessing Bluetooth capabilities in Bluetooth-less cars.

    Promising Review: "Plug it into the 12V outlet in your car, and you can play music, or have phone calls over Bluetooth through your car speakers. Perfect for older cars with no Bluetooth function." —monetd2

    Price: $18.99 (available in six colors)

    4. Sneakers so trendy, they might actually make you like working out or something crazy like that.

    Promising Review: “I’m very impressed with these shoes! They’re way better than I expected. They are pink and shiny, very lightweight, and super comfortable.” —BKMom

    Price: $19.99+ (available in seven colors, sizes 5–10)

    5. Mechanical pencils that are, at least in my opinion, more fun to write with. Anyone would be excited to use these colorful ones.

    Promising Review: "My daughter prefers mechanical pencils to wooden ones (by a lot), but her school requires that she use the #2 wood ones whenever taking tests. I discovered these this year, and it appears that the problem is solved. These have the #2 leads, but in the form of the mechanical pencils she strongly prefers." —SK

    Price: 8-pack for $3.19

    6. A snap 'n strain colander for those nights you really want pasta but don't want to deal with the fuss of balancing the colander over the sink.

    Promising Review: “I got sick of a large, clunky colander taking up space in my cupboard, so I decided to try this. I’m so glad I did! It bends to fit pretty much any size pan. The clips clamp on super tight, so I’ve never had to worry about it falling off. This is really easy to clean and takes up very little space. Great little kitchen gadget!” —Ashley Rogers

    Price: $13.49 (available in three colors)

    7. A hanging shower caddy to keep all your shower products conveniently hanging right on the curtain rod.

    Promising Review: “Our family chose to get one of these versus the shower holders that attach to the head. I’m SO GLAD I got this. Ours has face wash in the top pockets, body wash and shaving cream (with razor) in the middle, and shampoo and conditioner in the bottom pockets. If you get oversize shampoo/conditioner, it might not hold as well. In my opinion, even with all these things, and heavier items at that, the pockets are easy to get in and out of.” —SLK

    Price: $7.99

    8. Quest bars that are high in protein and low in sugar — these ones actually taste like chocolate chip cookie dough!

    Promising Review: "These are great snacks, and help me get enough protein in my diet. Minimal ingredients and great flavor. Best protein bar out there, in my opinion." —Kyle Desmet

    Price: 12-pack for $21.30

    9. A conditioner to help you achieve that silky-smooth look you thought only existed on TV commercials.,

    Promising Review: “Lemme tell you how amazing this conditioner is. Not only does it smell like when Grandma is baking, not only do you get this pleasant little scalp tingle when you use it, but after just a few days my hair looks like a frikkin Pantene commercial. Buy it, use it, tell the world.” —D Paige

    Price: $10.97

    10. A super cute backpack for strutting around campus. Heck, you may even want to wear it when you're not going to class!

    Promising Review: “This backpack is absolutely everything I needed. This bag is the perfect size for a normal school bag, feels super durable, and has many great features. This bag is true to its picture and the color is just right.” –Amazon Customer

    Price: $29.90 (available in two colors)

    11. A patterned blouse to wear to work, or a fancy restaurant, or just to throw on with a pair of jeans for a sophisticated look. Plus, it's perfect to add to your fall wardrobe.

    Promising Review: “What a lovely, unusual top. It’s great for going out and feeling snazzy. Even better, I washed and dried it in the laundry machines with no problems. Just so you know, it’s light and comfy and doesn’t need ironing, but it is thin enough that it might not keep you very warm if you get easily chilled.” —Louisa Livingston

    Price: $15.99 (sizes S–2XL)

    12. A charcoal mask for the nights you need a little pampering.

    Promising Review: “I do not find this to be painful, even though it does really stick to the face. After I remove the mask, my face is really soft, and I can see a difference in my skin.” —Ana Herrera

    Price: $13.95

    13. Nonstick oven liners that collect food and oil residue, so all you'll have to do is clean the liner, and not the whole damn oven.

    Promising Review: “I ordered these before Thanksgiving and put them to the test the day before and the day of. My oven was on at least 350 degrees for 12 hours one day and 6 hours the next. The mat held up perfectly. No wrinkling or buckling due to the heat, no melting, and thanks to the liner, my sweet potato casserole with the butter and pecan and marshmallow topping that bubbled up left no mess in my oven. Once the oven cooled, the crisp baked mess brushed right off and the mat went right back into the oven!” —Pepperite

    Price: 3-pack for $16.95

    14. Wet and dry bags for easily bringing on the go to store your clothes and other important items in a compact place.

    Promising Review: “I used these as a diaper-carrying case while on vacation. I was able to put three to four diapers and wipes in the front pocket. I used the pack for snacks, extra underwear for my oldest, hand sanitizer, and other items. The are made of heavy-duty material, have a cute design, and are easily washed.” —Rachel

    Price: 2-pack for $9.99 (available in 10 colors)

    15. Eyeglass cleaning clips that'll help you clean both sides of the lenses at the same time!

    Promising Review: “Twitter, yes Twitter, is where I found the recommendation for these glasses cleaners. I want clean glasses, and one of my current pairs attracts more dirt than any other pair of glasses I have owned. I do not know why, I only want them clean. I purchased this set. The microfiber cleaner comes in five different colors, if that is an issue for you. The little microfiber piece fits perfectly between the front and back of your glasses, so both sides are cleaned at once. I still use the spray once or twice a day, but I keep these with me at all times. Clean glasses abound.” —prisrob

    Price: 5-pack for $6.98

    16. A no-yellow shampoo. Gray hairs happen, and though they're nothing to be ashamed of, some people truly don't want to deal with them. This shampoo keeps gray hairs at bay and makes your true hair color stay.,

    Promising Review: “The shampoo has a really nice smell, and the color is an intense violet-blueish. On the package, it says to apply it on wet hair and leave it in for about one to five minutes, (I left it for the full five minutes). It really eliminates those unwanted brassy tones blonde hair can get. Another big plus, it leaves my hair lovely, shiny, and manageable — unusual for a purple shampoo. I just need a bit of my normal conditioner afterward (otherwise it won’t be soft), and I’m done. I won’t ever use a different purple shampoo.” —Tech Insider

    Price: $14.49

    17. A gap covering for your kitchen counters. Because we're pretty sure you don't want your food to drop in those little crevices and then rot there for years without you even knowing.

    Promising Review: “I can’t believe how much crud I have cleaned out between my counter and stove. This lays in the opening between the two so nothing gets down the space between. Just lay it down very easily, and it stays put. It looks like it is part of the stove. It is easy to clean; just wipe off when you clean the stove or counter. I have had no problem with melting, as it is not on the burners, it is on the side of the stove. However, it is heat-resistant, so the heat from the stove will not bother it. I would definitely buy this again.” —Joanne

    Price: 2-pack for $9.95 (available in three colors)

    18. Cleaning wipes to wipe your glasses lenses back to brand-spanking-new condition.

    Promising Review: “I love these. I have long and evidently greasy Italian eyelashes, which leave smears on my glasses when I’m not wearing mascara, just from blinking. Dry cleaning cloths tend to just smear the grease on the lenses. These work great. I’m a little insecure when pulling them out of my purse at work though because I’m always worried someone at a distance will think that I’m waving around a condom, so I keep them on the DL.” —Sky Slayton

    Price: 100-pack for $8.99

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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