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    22 Products For People Who Have An Oprah-Level Love For Bread

    "I eat bread EVERY.SINGLE.DAY."

    1. A book for learning the art behind making delicious bread in tons of different yummy variations.

    2. An express bread maker to whip up the best food in the entire world right from the comfort of your own kitchen.

    3. A bread keeper that'll keep your fave loaf extra fresh, because moldy bread isn't too fun.

    4. A garlic bread phone case for protecting your phone, the same way you protect your heart — with warm, crispy garlic bread.

    5. A plush pillow to snuggle up with while maybe, like, eating some bread, because why not?!?!?

    6. A two-pack of loaf pans that'll help you bake not one, but TWO mouthwatering loaves of bread, 'cause TBH, you can never have enough bread.

    7. An oil dipping spice kit for when ya' wanna turn up on a Friday or Saturday night by getting into your pajamas, slicing up your favorite toasty artisan bread, and going crazy with some spices and oil dipping.

    8. A gluten-free bread mix to use when you wanna make some amazing homemade bread, but gluten doesn't exactly sit so well in your tummy.

    9. A European-style bread set that'll transport you to the flavorful continent of Europe where the bread is extra good, without needing a plane ticket.

    10. A two-pack of silicone bread savers for preserving the freshness of your bread loaf by preventing moisture from escaping.

    11. A tee to express your favorite of all the food groups — the carbohydrates, so bread, of course, pasta, pizza, rice, all of the damn carbs.

    12. A patterned comforter that'll help you wake up on the right side of the bread every morning, come on, you knew this pun was coming.

    13. A serrated bread knife for cutting through every loaf with ease, so you can be well on your way to just eating it already.

    14. A 100-pack of bread bags and ties that'll provide a fresh and easy place to store your freshly baked bread loaf as if it just came straight from your favorite bakery.

    15. A toaster oven for using as a conventional two-slice toaster on the top and as a toaster oven underneath.

    16. A sticker featuring a variety of just some of the best breads to stick on your planner, your laptop, your phone, or anywhere else you wanna see all this goodness.

    17. A throw pillow case that'll make the perf addition to your bread, I mean bed.

    18. A four-pack of toast plates for all of your toast-eating endeavors, because toast is too special to not get its own plate.

    19. A bread bath sponge to clean your body in the best way possible. Has the obsession gone too far? Not yet.

    20. A shower curtain that'll do a great job of not only making your bathroom look fab, but carbing ALL of the diems.

    21. A two-pack of homemade challah for experiencing the most DELICIOUS form of bread to ever exist. As a Jew, I eat A LOT of challah, (and challah French toast), and think it's def worth treating yourself to, hehe.

    22. An enamel pin to get immediately, because you admitted to loving bread as much as Oprah loves bread by clicking into this post, so it means you obviously NEED this pin.

    Buying all of these products, until I can finally reach my life goal of eating bread with Oprah.

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