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24 Pieces Of Candy That Are Almost Too Beautiful To Eat

As a wise man named Aaron Carter once said, "I want candy."

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1. Planet lollipops make for a truly out-of-this-world treat.

The pops taste as great as they look. Flavors include cotton candy, key lime, marshmallow, and strawberry/kiwi, just to name a few.

Promising Review: "These lollipops arrived looking exactly like the photo. My boys thought they were very cool — maybe too cool to eat! My son did have one, and said it tasted really good." —Carol

Get a pack of 10 from Uncommon Goods for $30.

2. Kate Spade New York-inspired chocolate-dipped Oreos are a dream-come-true for fashionistas with a sweet tooth.

Salivating? Keep on going. Check out more choco Oreos, pretzels, and lollipops.

Promising Review: "They're just as pictured and were packed perfectly for shipping. They came very fast. I am so happy!" —FunBundles

Get a pack of 12 from TheChocolateWorkshop on Etsy for $27+.

3. Edible butterflies are going to make your cakey creations so damn gorgeous, you might be afraid to eat them. We're sorry.

Promising Review: "I just love these butterflies. They were so easy to use, and looked great on my cake." —Amazon Customer

Get a set of 24 from Amazon for $13.45.


4. Fruit-infused lollipops that set a whole new standard for these sweets on a stick.

Lotsa lollies on this lovely Etsy shop: fruit and pie-crust pops, celebratory treats, and marzipan dancers (gotta see 'em to believe 'em.)

Promising Review: "Beautiful lollipops and speedy shipping. Thrilled with both the product quality, and communication from the seller." —Rebecca Dillon

Get three from A Secret Forest Patisserie on Etsy for $15.

5. Chocolate-covered marshmallow unicorns are a magical way to get into the unicorn craze that's recently swept the nation.

Unleash your inner kid when you enter this amazing Etsy shop. Rock candy, gumball necklaces, mini donuts — these are only a few of the wonderous selections you'll find yourself mesmerized by.

Promising Review: "Amazing! My daughter loved the unicorn pops. Communication with the seller was excellent, and they arrived when I needed them!" —Elizabeth

Get a dozen from Sparkling Sweets Boutique on Etsy for $26.


10. Chocolate light pops are meant to be purchased as a holiday goody, but their color and glitz make them a confection you'll want to buy year-round.

Be sure to peruse the other chocolate pops this lovely shop offers.

Promising Review: "Super happy with this purchase. They arrived in perfect condition and are beautiful!" —peachjd

Get a dozen from AHeavenlyTouchCakes on Etsy for $20.

11. Champagne bubble gummies make for an elegant party favor, or a lavish lil' snack if that's what you want them for.

Promising Review: "Delicious! Had these at our wedding and everyone loved them. Fresh and yummy." —LJ in WP

Get them from Amazon for $10.82 or Sugarfina for $2.50+.


13. Colorful rock candy will instill a feeling of nostalgia, and also, a feeling of an intense sugar rush. Worth it though, right?

Promising Review: "Arrived in excellent condition — no broken candy!! I was worried they would melt or something, but nope, they were perfect! So delicious and sweet!" —mindyury

Get them from Amazon: 12 for $15.99 or 36 for $27.99.

14. Seashell chocolate-covered Oreos are sweeter than a sunshine-filled day at the beach — and that is pretty sweeeet.

Marvel in all the chocolatey goodness that this shop offers with treats like chocolate pretzels, chocolate lollipops, and even more chocolate-covered Oreos.

Promising Review: "The chocolate Oreos were beautifully decorated, and were delicious. They arrived fresh, in perfect condition when promised." —Whoosh6175

Get a dozen from Chocolate Express on Etsy for $24.99.

15. Candy flowers that bloom with chocolatey-sugary goodness, the best floral arrangement you could ever purchase.


17. Ombre lollipops are shimmmery, shiny, and sweet — and so Instagram-worthy.

The amazing sweet shop specializes in the most gorgeous lollies you'll ever see. Check out all of the other ombre pops, or browse the other fascinating categories such as sparkle lollipops, or pops that are salted/have fillings.

Promising Review: "Amazing lollipops — delicious and beautiful design. This is the perfect treat to give out. In addition, great customer service. They answered all my questions quickly, and delivered my order in a timely matter." —fescano

Get a set of six from Sweet Caroline Confections on Etsy for $12+ (available in 19 flavors, like black cherry and passion fruit).

18. Chocolate truffles unlike anything you've seen before — rainbow-coated and heart-shaped, so you know they're made with love.

Indulge in plenty other sweet treats this shop offers, such as caramels, macarons, and of course, more truffles.

Promising Review: "Exquisitely beautiful and delicious, and wonderful customer service." —Cousette

Get a dozen from Zam Artisan Chocolates + Confections on Etsy for $24.

19. Candy blox are your ticket to FINALLY being able to play with your food.

You're welcome.

Promising Review: "It was perfectly crafted, and also tasted really good! Very entertaining, as well." —katelyn

Get a 4.5 oz. container from Dean & DeLuca for $4.75.


20. Under-the-sea chocolate-covered pretzels you'll eagerly dive into.

This adorable shop sells a wide array of beautiful tasty desserts like cake-pop bars, marshmallow pops, and super cute rice krispie treats.

Promising Review: "These were delicious, and matched my bridal shower decor perfectly. I was in a time crunch, and not only did they respond to my messages on time, but I also received my order quickly." —ecartagena23

Get a dozen from Cupcake Novelties on Etsy for $27 (available in 14 colors).

21. Gourmet chocolates too gorgeous to eat, so don't worry, you won't need one of those fancy-schmancy cards telling you which kind you're eating.

But, if you must know, flavors include: dark chocolate and cherry, milk chocolate peanut butter and jelly, milk chocolate caramel, white chocolate almond butter, white chocolate marshmallow, and milk chocolate with ganache filling. Are you drooling yet?

Get a dozen from SweetIndulgence16 on Etsy for $40.

23. Alma bonbons that come molded in shapes like roses and crowns, because you're royalty and you deserve to live like this.

Mouth-watering highlights include Thai peanut butter cup, rosewater caramel, and chai caramel.

Get a pack of 16 from Dean & DeLuca for $54.


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