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27 Of The Coolest Things You Can Get On Uncommon Goods Right Now

Including an ice cream mixing set, a tortilla baby swaddle, a wine-pairing towel set, and so many other fun things.

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1. An ice cream mixing set that'll transform your ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary Cold Stone parlor, and you'll be the creator.

Promising Review: "I gave this to my future sister-in-law at a wedding shower. No one knew you could buy one and everyone loved it!" —Em

Price: $69.95

2. A bike chalk-trail kit the youngsters will want to spend hours upon hours playing as they map out bike trails in the neighborhood and make pretty designs as they ride.

Promising Review: "This product was super easy to assemble and use. My child has really loved riding her bike more because of it!" —Mom of 3

Price: $27


4. A hot sauce kit anyone who has a love for spicy things will have way too much fun with.

Kit comes with a small funnel, bottle labels, gloves, sterilizing solution, six glass containers, and a variety of ingredients, including dried chipotle peppers, curry powder, and apple cider vinegar.

Promising Review: "I bought this for my fiancé, an avid hot sauce consumer, and he is OBSESSED with it! The packaging is clean, organized, and creative, and he is thrilled with the variety of options to customize his own flavors and heat levels." —Naomi

Price: $34.95


8. A tortilla swaddle and cap, because admit it new moms, the only thing you love more than your newborn baby is a Chipotle burrito. We don't blame you.

Promising Review: "This was a great baby gift that stood out in a sea of bland baby gifts. The expecting couple said it was their favorite present." —Kim

Price: $48

9. A phone sanitizer to get rid of all the germies crawling on your favorite device — trust us, there's a lot of them.

Promising Review: "The idea of cleaning our phones from all the germs provides peace of mind, because I know they can be very dirty from daily use." —Health conscious

Price: $19.95+


12. A ticket stub diary—the ideal place to store all of your awesome event memories.

Promising Review: "I love having one place to put all my ticket tubs, rather than them being stuck in a drawer. Now I can pull out the journal, and show off the bands I've seen over the years!" —PupMom

Price: $12

13. A wine-pairing towel set, a handy product that has two incredible uses — first as a beautiful towel to dry your dishes with, second as a handy guide to figure out which foods will pair best with different types of wine.

Promising Review: "A definite practical use for drying, as well as a conversation piece when entertaining." —C A

Price: $28


15. A couch arm table so when you want to enjoy your food and drinks while watching TV, you can do without the mess.

Promising Review: "My dad is the hardest person to shop for, and he LOVES this table. He has a wide arm on his couch, but it fits perfectly, and he uses it all the time. It's very sturdy." —Bryan

Price: $135

16. A trio of garden ducks wearing polka-dot rainboots, because they're just so fucking adorable.

Promising Review: "I bought these thinking I would keep them on the porch, but they are too pretty to keep outside. I found the website of the company that makes these and ordered another one for a gift." —Kathy S

Price: $30+

17. A bag of merlot-infused coffee because mornings suck damn it, make them easier with this fabulous coffee blend.

Promising Review: "Gave this to my daughter as a Secret Santa gift at our Wine Club. She loves coffee and wine, so this was a perfect gift! She loved it and, thought it was delicious!" —Shoelvr

Price: $19.95


20. A scotch-infused toothpick gift set that's a fun take on a simple everyday item, and may even make for a great belated Father's Day gift. (Don't worry, we're not judging.)

Promising Review: "My husband loved his gift so much he took some to work to share with his coworker. Coworker was so surprised of the alcohol taste he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth so know one would think he was drinking on the job!" —Nene

Price: $35.95

22. A kernel-sifting popcorn bowl is the solution to years of getting to the end of your popcorn and being left with a weird mix of popcorn and kernels.

Promising Review: "This bowl is not only fun and functional, but a beautiful piece to have sitting out when not in-use. It is incredibly well-made, and my husband thought it was the coolest thing ever to have a place for the popcorn kernels to go so that he didn't eat them!" —1texast

Price: $75


23. A BottleLoft for saving space in your fridge, and storing your bottles in a super cool way.

Promising Review: "My son-in-law loves coming home to a cold beer. This product is unique and sturdy. Very easy installation." —SharonW

Price: $38

24. A set of fountain-aerating wine glasses to make drinking wine more fun than it already is, starting with how cool it looks when your pour it.

Promising Review: "Normally the aerator is a separate device or tool, and can be a hassle to use every time you fill your glass or a friend's. Simply having the aerator IN the glass is as easy and ergonomic as it gets! You need these cups. Trust me." —KMo

Price: Two for $56

25. A six-pack of wooden cheese sticks for labeling which yummy goodness is which at your next wine and cheese night.

Promising Review: "I purchased this unique and fun product for my personal use, and because I loved it, I purchased one for my daughter. It is unique, and very convenient." —infomed2

Price: $35


Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.