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19 Things That Are Cheaper At Jet Than They Are At Amazon

An avocado saver, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, activated charcoal toothpaste, and more products that are cheaper on Jet than Amazon.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A stand mixer for easily combining your ingredients, without straining your arm from whisking too hard.

Promising Review: "Great little mixer for those of us that need a decent mixer for everyday use and can't spend hundreds of dollars on a top of the line. It's a well-made, quality machine. I have only used it for pizza and bread dough and it does the job very well. I am looking forward to giving it a lot of use." —ThebusyGeminiDragon

Price: $89 ($108.80 on Amazon)

3. A chair that'll give your little one the chance to work on their posture as they play and parents the chance to get shit done.

Promising Review: "This is a great chair for infants. It helps them sit up so well. I love taking it to restaurants and to family functions so that the baby can have a place to sit, so that I can eat. It gives me a chance to clean the house while he sits there and plays. I recommend this chair for all new moms." —MsTKB

Price: $47.99 ($56.99 on Amazon, available in two colors)


5. A slow cooker that'll come in handy for serving side dishes and appetizers at family dinners or parties.

Promising Review: "This Crock-Pot is perfect for smaller quantities. It is not tiny. Just perfect for smaller families. Cleans up great. It has a removable crock for easy cleaning!" —Patty

Price: $22.14 ($32.99 on Amazon, available in two colors)


9. A bacon-flavored dog toy for rewarding your very good doggo. They deserve it, being a pupper is ruff.

Promising Review: "Great Nylabone! My dog really enjoys chewing on this and playing fetch. Very mild and pleasant vanilla smell. Bought this same toy once before and it lasts a long time." —JJMSD

Price: $8.97 ($16.99 on Amazon)

10. An organic travel set to test out if you're someone who is rightfully all about using only the most natural of products.

Promising Review: "Got this as part of a gift for my friend's baby shower. She loves the laundry detergent and can't wait to try the others on the new baby. Love this brand and I feel good about using these products on a newborn. Great price too!" —Caitlin F

Price: $14.69 ($25.90 on Amazon)


14. A bluetooth karaoke mic to ensure a good fucking time is easily accessible at any time. You're welcome.

It's super easy to use! Simply download your favorite karaoke app, connect your smartphone to the mic, and sing your little heart out. It lasts for up to five hours before needing a re-charge and comes with built-in HD stereo speaker.

Price: $14.96 ($20.95 on Amazon)


16. An electric knife to simplify the task of carving through meats, breads, and other foods you'd rather spend your precious time eating.

The knife set includes a carving blade, bread blade, slicing guide, and carrying case. It's cordless, re-chargeable, and easy to bring on-the-go. It runs on a lithium ion battery.

Price: $98.99 ($129 on Amazon)


Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.