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    17 Incredibly Useful Car Accessories You Can Get On Sale Right Now

    Vroom vrooming all the way to these sales.

    1. A front seat cover for when you wanna bring your furry friend along for the ride, but don't want their fur sticking onto those gorgeous leather seats.

    2. A bluetooth transmitter for making (safe!) hands-free phone calls, listening to your favorite FM radio stations, or jamming to your music from your phone all while being able to charge up.

    3. A two-port USB charger that'll keep your phone at 100, even if your speedometer is at 0.

    4. A heated seat cushion for making even the oldest, most rugged of cars, feel like a luxury vehicle.

    5. A sunshade windshield cover to place over your car WHILE YOU'RE NOT DRIVING IT so it doesn't overheat. Don't you just hate when your vehicle feels like a boiling pot of pasta and your legs stick to the hot seats like glue?!

    6. A headlight restoration kit that'll clean those lights so well, they'll shine as bright as the top of the Chrysler building! Ok, but seriously, having clean headlights is so important when it comes to preventing accidents at nighttime or in inclement weather.

    7. A six-pack of activated charcoal deodorizing bags for keeping the scent of your automobile fresh, no matter how many green juices are spilled, on-the-go containers of tuna fish are opened, or cheeses are cut (🌬️) inside.

    8. A trash can that'll make bottles and wrappers on the floor of your car a thing of the past. Now you can hide the evidence of yesterday's late night Taco Bell run.

    9. A car phone holder for an easier and safer way of looking at your phone's GPS. Looking down means completely taking your eyes off the road which is a major NO-NO!

    10. A 42-piece AAA road kit to temporarily save you from being stuck on the side of the road when a problem hits! It'll hold you over until you can get some professional help.

    11. A cordless vacuum that'll clear away all those crumbs from those times when you just HAD to devour a family-sized bag of sour cream and onion chips like a lion munching away at its prey.

    12. A portable air compressor for when you're far from a gas station and the pressure in your tires either needs a quick check or quick fill until you can get there.

    13. A waxer/polisher to restore your vehicle's exterior to a condition even the dealership would be jealous of.

    14. A memory foam steering wheel cover that'll provide some much welcomed comfort to your hands as you're driving.

    15. A keychain car escape tool to keep handy in case of an emergency we hope you don't find yourself in, but want you to be prepared for just in case.

    16. A digital tire gauge to make checking your tire pressure easy, peasy, lemon squeezy, especially if you're someone who knows, like, nothing about cars, except for how to drive them.

    17. A glass cleaning tool that'll make your windows look brand new, which is good! So you can, you know, see through them without dusty crap blocking your views of the road.

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