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    23 Pairs Of Boots Under $50 You'll Want To Buy Immediately

    Boot szn = best szn.

    1. A pair of quilted fashion boots for pairing with some cute jeans, a comfy sweater, and a Pumpkin Spice Latte all season long.

    2. A pair of buckled heeled ankle booties to wear as an everyday look, or to dress up at night if you prefer wearing comfy ankle booties to fancy high heel shoes while out on the town.

    3. A pair of faux suede over-the-knee boots that'll go great with that new sweater dress you just bought and have been waiting on wearing until you found the perfect shoes.

    4. A pair of glitzy ankle rain boots for jumping and splashing in all of the puddles your kid-at-heart desires, but in style.

    5. A pair of buckled boots featuring a faux fur lining interior to keep your feetsies feeling warm and cozy, but also hella trendy.

    6. A pair of studded western booties to really unleash your autumn-loving side. The only thing you need now is a pumpkin in one hand and hot beverage in the other.

    7. A pair of ankle booties that'll make a unique addition to any closet — they're great for spicing up just about any outfit you'd like!

    8. A pair of tall zippered-side boots featuring quilting on the back for those who are in the midst of looking for what is gonna inevitably become their new favorite shoes ever. You're welcome.

    9. A pair of microstudded ankle booties that'll say "Yeah, I needed a trusty pair of black ankle booties, but, like, I also wanted to jazz it up a teensy little bit."

    10. A pair of over-the-knee boots to pair with a trendy skirt and cute top, and bam, you have the perf outfit for a night out with your crew.

    11. A pair of perforated suede booties for wearing on days you feel like soaking in a million and one compliments about your trendy AF shoes.

    12. A pair of ankle-length snow boots that'll be ready in your wardrobe when the first snow of the szn hits, so they can help you navigate the slush and ice, and keep your feet feeling cozy.

    13. A pair of black ankle booties for simply making sure you always have a good pair of black ankle booties on hand. Whether it be for matching an everyday look or going out at night, I'm a firm believer that everyone needs shoes like these.

    14. A chunky heel boot to buy in BOTH colors they're sold in, because honestly you can never have too many boots in this style.

    15. A pair of studded booties that'll literally announce "I'M HERE, BETCHES" the moment you fiercely enter any room, you unstoppable queen, you.

    16. A pair of chunky Chelsea boots to buy for yourself, your friends, your family, etc., because once they see these, they're all gonna want them too!

    17. A pair of white and black studded trim boots for when you're feeling a bit more playful with your look — just be careful not to get these beauties too dirty!

    18. A pair of sport-striped ankle booties that'll help you channel your urban chic side — just picture doing a runway walk down the streets of a city in these, hell yeah.

    19. A pair of riding boots available in both regular and wide calf for boots that look like you spent hundreds of dollars on, but really got for less than $50, hehe.

    20. A pair of Chelsea rain boots to add to your wardrobe immediately. We know you're gonna love these so much you may even wear them when, dare I say, it's not even raining.

    21. A pair of bubble toe boots that'll bring out your sportier side and have people asking you to send them the link to the Urban Outfitters page where you bought them.

    22. A pair of distressed cowboy boots for upgrading a classic look in an incredibly trendy way.

    23. A pair of rain boots so trendy you'll think it's a crime to stomp around in puddles in them. But go ahead, do it. They want you to!

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