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    21 Stylish Bikinis You Can Get On Sale Right Now

    It's summer in my book.

    1. A set with an embroidered top and high-waist bottom for a suit looking like it came right off a NYFW swimsuit show runway.

    2. A super pretty patterned option featuring a high-neck and racerback so you're a party in the front, back, and all over, but with great coverage!

    3. A triangle bikini in an array of colors that'll ensure you always have a basic suit (or a simple set of plain colored pieces in case you wanna get mixy-matchy at home).

    4. A velvet bikini for those who are feeling a bit somber about saying goodbye to all their fave velvie pieces from the winter.

    5. A black and white option — it's strappy at the top, laced-up at the bottom to serve the trendiest of trendy LEWKS.

    6. A high-waisted ruffle bandeau set that'll make you the talk of the (pool) town for less than $25.

    7. A criss-cross rainbow suit for those who wanna show they have the most fun bikini on the whole damn beach.

    8. A strappy camo number to make people wonder, "is that just a really cool one piece? Is it a bikini, tho? Is she born with it? Or is it Missguided?"

    9. A color block ruffled suit that'll steal a piece of your sun-kissed heart, but not all your money! Seriously, the deal on this bikini is amaze.

    10. A strapless pink bikini for those who are ready to make like Molly Ringwald and be pretty in pink this summer.

    11. A crochet option to switch up your usual swimsuit with something darling and so easy to fall in love with.

    12. A henna print suit that'll allow you daredevil gals to surf the wildest of waves, without worrying about those gals breaking free like Troy and Gabriella.

    13. A color block bikini for anyone occupying the ocean you're swimming in to go back to shore so they can get on their phones and look to see where they can buy this for themselves.

    14. A patriotic swimsuit to buy now and get some major use out of over July 4th weekend, you know, do it for the Insta.

    15. A high-waisted embellished bikini that'll make the perfect choice when attending a pool party — you wanna look 🔥, but you also wanna actually swim, damnit.

    16. A high-neck bikini for getting singing "yellow polka dot bikini" while wearing even though the top is zig-zag and the polka dot part is blue.

    17. A strappy halter bikini to help spice up the basic ole' black bikini look.

    18. A floral number that'll be different from any other floral swimsuit you own, or any swimsuit you own in general. Isn't the top just the coolest thing?!

    19. A printed suit for finding your absolute go-to suit this summer and never wanting or even needing anything else after this purchase.

    20. A shiny black bikini to get when you wanna go with a minimalist aesthetic at the pool, but don't wanna compromise cuteness.

    21. A printed high-neck, high-waist swimsuit that'll make you feel a bit more covered (if that's something you're more comfortable doing), all while making you look absolutely stunning (as always).

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