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    18 Of The Best Vegan Snacks You Can Get On Amazon

    Time to get your nom on.

    1. A 24-pack of bunny fruit snacks for anyone who knows that fruit snacks are the best, but that anything in bunny form is even better.

    2. A six-pack of fruit and nut energy balls to buy as the perfect on-the-go rejuvenating nom.

    3. A six-box pack of soft baked cookies that'll make all cookie lovers rejoice that there is finally a product they can enjoy no matter what dietary restriction they may have.

    4. A bag of baked falafel chips for enjoying the beloved chickpea balls in crunchy chip form.

    5. A 12-pack of fig bars to have as a post-lunch or afternoon snack. Who doesn't love a good fig bar?

    6. A 24-pack of bean crisps for a crunchy, slightly nutty-tasting nom you can use to satisfy any salty craving.

    7. A 48-pack of fruit leathers to get if you love fruity-flavored candies, but obviously don't wanna fill your body with, you know, candy.

    8. A six-pack of smoothie pouches that'll serve as not only a great snack, but a fabulous on-the-go brekkie.

    9. A 12-pack of protein bars for keeping handy when the hunger pangs strike — these delish peanut butter chocolate chip bars pack 11 grams of protein.

    10. A six-pack of pomegranate vanilla glazed cashews to get if you're someone who is constantly debating if they want something salty or sweet — now you have both, hehe.

    11. A six-pack of oatmeal fruit squeezes that'll serve as a lovely breakfast option if you're constantly rushing to get out the door in the morning.

    12. A five-pack of dried mango for those who know mango is one of the most delicious fruits in the world, and because science has proven fruit tastes infinitely better when it's in dried form.

    13. A 10-pack of macadamia coconut cashew nut butter squeeze packets to drizzle on top of all your fav foods, or just eat by itself, because it's just too yummy not to.

    14. A three-pack of cheddar cassava root chips that'll make anyone who is vegan but loves anything cheesy and delicious super happy. Who doesn't love cheesy goodness?

    15. A bag of trail mix with walnuts, dried mango, almonds, cranberries, and pumpkin seeds for taking a handful. Or let's be real, multiple handfuls.

    16. A bag of dark chocolate peanut butter cups to buy immediately, because peanut butter andchocolate is the best combination in the world and everyone needs more of it in their lives.

    17. A 15-pack of birthday cake almond butter squeeze packets that'll amp up the already delicious flavor of almond butter with the mouthwatering taste of birthday cake.

    18. A package of Oreos for, well they're Oreos. You know what Oreos are and how amazing they taste.

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