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Here Are The Best Mexican Restaurants In The US, According To Yelp

This is important to taco 'bout.

You know when people ask you to pick one cuisine you would eat for the rest of your life if you had to? Well, I'm not sure about you, but my answer every time is Mexican food. Tacos can do no wrong, burritos have the power to transport your tastebuds to heaven, tamales are just pure perfection, nachos leave me speechless, and washing that all down with horchata? Whoops, just got drool on my keyboard!

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There are SO many wonderful Mexican restaurants right here in the US of A, and our friends at Yelp used an algorithm that ranks reviews on their site to find the best of the best.

So pull out a few spare dollars now for a side order of guacamole, because you might not finish making it through this list of the 42 best Mexican restaurants across the US before heading out to try them all for yourself!

1. Los Dos Hermanos Taco Truck, Birmingham, Alabama

RyNea S. / Via

"This is THE best taco truck in town with the best tacos. Their selection is larger than all other trucks I've been to around town, and they have the best prices, too! They offer a pickled carrot/jalapeño pepper/onion side, but you have to get there early before they run out. If you're looking for authentic tacos, this is the place to be, but get there before 2 p.m. The earlier, the better!" —Yelper Leakhena T.

2. Kiss Pollos Estilo Sinaloa, Phoenix, Arizona

Tiffy H. / Via

"My boyfriend's co-worker recommend we check this place out. We are taco lovers, so it wasn't an option not to go. I'm so glad we did!! Street parking only and the building is small, but there are big flavors waiting inside. We did takeout which is our favorite way to dine. I'm not going to lie, when I first reviewed the menu, I just wasn't impressed. Imagine my surprise when I actually ate! The chicken quesadilla is almost my favorite quesadilla I have ever had!! There was a ton of chicken, and OMG, the chicken was amazing. It was chopped, and I had tons in every bite. The tostada was also a winner. It was so crispy and crunchy, I enjoyed every bite. The taco, of course, was bomb. The tortilla tasted pretty fresh and I feel like that can make or break a taco. The salsa options were plentiful and ranged from mild to pretty dang hot. The green salsa was mild, but had such an amazing flavor. If you find yourself looking at the menu and not thrilled with the many chicken options, please don't let that stop you from visiting! I promise you one bite, and you'll change your mind!" —Yelper Kelly H.

3. La Media Luna, Fayetteville, Arkansas

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"This is my new favorite restaurant in NWA! La Media Luna is an intimate restaurant with seating to accommodate large parties. I had the enchiladas habanero and my fiancé had the carne asada. Both meals had tons of food for a very reasonable price. The food was amazing and the service was excellent. This is one of those places where you want to go back many times just to order something different. Everything that I saw come out of that kitchen looked to die for! I'm pretty sure we will be back within the month, because I want to go back to try the house margarita! It doesn't hurt that the restaurant is a two minute walk from my house." —Yelper Karin H.

4. Kermés Taco Grill, Los Angeles, California

Jorge P. / Via

"I left this place with my mouth still salivating for more, haha, and I can't wait to go back and try their other guisados (stews). I had the tacos de mole con pollo, chicharrón con salsa verde, and cabeza. I also had a volcán de lengua which is a crunchy tortilla topped with cheese, meat, tomato, avocado, and crema. All their food is made from scratch including the tortillas and the mole, (which is a lot of work). I would say what really stood out were the guisados in any format and also the volcán was really unique. With the volcán, the melted cheese combined with the crunch of the tortilla, complemented with the salsa was just such a great experience. The guisados were exploding with flavor. I'd say the standard meat tacos were very good, but not necessarily the main reason to go there. The interior was also very modern and clean, and prices were decent for the portion of food, and so worth the quality of the food." —Yelper Aaron C.

5. Tacos Aya Yay, Lafayette, Colorado

Lauren M. / Via

"This is your place if you love authentic, hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Do NOT let the interior and/or location of this spot deter you from stopping in! These tacos are not only incredibly affordable, but taste better than any high-end restaurant or street taco joint we've tried since we've moved here. Their toppings bar was well stocked, and the sauce options are amazing, but spicy, so be careful! I tried the carnitas, barbacoa, and chicken tacos topped with onion, cilantro, and both the green and red sauces. The carnitas are nothing short of incredible! Each dish comes with a jalapeño, cucumber, radishes, and caramelized onions. I can't wait to come back and try a few more of their meat options! Highly recommend this restaurant for all the taco lovers out there!" —Yelper Rachael Y.

6. Tacos El Azteca, Norwalk, Connecticut

Wil S. / Via

"The best Mexican food I could find in Connecticut!!! Coming from Los Angeles, I have been trying to find a good replacement for the delicious Mexican food that I have been missing. And what better place to get that flavor than from an authentic taco truck? I drove here with a few friends on a Saturday evening to satisfy a taco craving, and boy did it deliver. The truck was parked in a mechanic parking lot, and there were a few patrons lined up to order. Looking at the menu, I immediately decided I wanted tacos, but I was not sure what kinds I wanted. I ended up getting tacos de asada and tacos de lengua. They also had al pastor, pollo, chorizo, and shrimp to name a few. Each taco was about $2, and well worth it. Also on the menu were burritos and quesadillas. My friend ordered a al pastor quesadilla, and it was the biggest order I have ever seen. It filled the entire to-go box. The food was fresh, delicious, and left me wanting more. There is plenty of parking, and the staff are very friendly. Will definitely be going back soon!" —Yelper Nikki V.

7. Jalisco Taco Shop, Homestead, Florida

A T. / Via

"Best tacos and burritos ever!!! Got there late and expected to have the last bits and crumbs. That was not the case at all. This place is all around (hospitality, quality, taste, and wait time) excellent. Handmade tortillas were thin and tasty. Thin enough to hold 'all' the fillings without the doughy taste or texture. Great, refreshing toppings and the sauces included were also excellent. The owner and staff were great. We highly recommend trying them out. We guarantee you'll become a regular." —Yelper Anneris G.

8. Alebrije Mexican Cuisine, Duluth, Georgia

Daniel J. / Via

"Great food and fresh margaritas! This is a small place tucked behind the bank on the corner of old Peachtree and Satellite. The food is prepared in an open grill kitchen. The service is fast and the food is well-prepared. The menu is one page, so they are not trying to overwhelm you with choices. The margaritas are made with fresh juice and very good. Not sweet. Nice fresh tartness. The sauces are not spicy hot and still have good flavor. Food is prepared with lots of onions, so be aware. Everyone in our party enjoyed the dishes served, and the check did not hit too hard. Most dishes are $10. Very good and well-run." —Yelper Paul M.

9. El Paisa Mexican Food, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

J S. / Via

"Tried this little gem out today. Tucked away in a strip mall, this taqueria is everything I had hoped for. Not knowing what proteins are their best, we took a stab in the dark and ordered as much variety as we could. My wife ordered two hard tacos — one ground beef and one shredded with rice and beans. The ground beef hands down was perfect. It's crave-able, and we will be back for ground beef tacos consistently. I ordered a carne asada burrito, and two carnitas soft tacos. The carnitas soft tacos were beyond amazing. They didn't skimp on quantity, and good god, the flavor was outstanding. The size of the burrito was about as large as a Sunday paper. I couldn't finish it and now it's reserved for dinner. Overall, being Southern California transplants, we have found our local taqueria. And I have to say it took us a year to find it, and we only did find it after a manager at a local beauty store told us about it. So a big thank you to her." —Yelper Robert D.

10. Edgewater Tacos, Chicago, Illinois

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"We loved this place and will be back. Authentic as it comes, and we will travel anywhere for a good taco. I had five. One of each on the menu, starting from the top. My wife had two chicken tacos, and loved the tenderness and flavor. Honestly, they were all so good, it's virtually impossible pick a favorite. Will be frequenting more of them to try the rest. So, stellar food. Cozy space with a few tables. Another plus is how they handle food allergies. Being it's a small spot, the girl at the counter knew exactly what was in each one, which can get frustrating for us asking and a restaurant when we inform them there are three food allergies we hope the can accommodate. She didn't miss a beat, didn't have to consult a book, nor ask the chef. If you haven't been, then why are you still reading this? GO!" —Yelper Dan B.

11. Tlaolli, Indianapolis, Indiana

Bonnie L. / Via

"This brightly colored restaurant is a fabulous lunch spot right in the middle of Washington Street next to the library. It has comfy seats and both inside and outside, there are tables with plenty of room for a group. I have been eager to try their vegan options, so today my friend and I met up for lunch to try them. You enter from the side of the building, so don't be fooled into thinking they are closed! As you enter, the counter is to the right where you place your order next to the menu board. It was full of wonderful options, plus the cooking smells made my mouth water just walking in! The waitress gave us some helpful options and we settled on the taco/tamale combo. I had two vegan tacos — one with jack fruit, and the other with hibiscus, and they were amazing. I loved the authentic, freshly made corn tortillas that added to the flavor. The 'meat' was full of juice and sauce, so it tasted like every bite took you to the owner's family kitchen! Loved them! I will definitely be back and bringing some friends!!" —Yelper Stacie B.

12. El Bajio Mexican Restaurant, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

El Bajio Mexican Restaurant / Via

"Well done Yelpers, well done! This is a hidden gem that looks like it's an extension of Subway — it is not. This is some legit Mexican food from the Bajio region of central Mexico. Not only is it authentic, it's delicious! We have been driving for 1,300 miles, and picked this place because of its excellent reviews and they are all right! We had the Maya, and it was fantastic — loads of meat, (enough for three to four meals). We also had some table side guacamole that was perfectly done. The chips are thin and very crispy. The salsa was plentiful and had a little heat." —Yelper Jamie F.

13. El Pollo Rey, Kansas City, Kansas

Faria M. / Via

"Simple goodness: two words that sum up El Pollo Rey. I remember wanting to try this restaurant out after seeing it across the street from a taco place. The smell was so mesmerizing, so I was excited to finally try it on a Friday afternoon. The eating space inside is quite small, but tables seemed to move fast. Their menu is not big at all — there were fewer than 10 items, but don't let that deceive you. The kitchen has a huge griller, essentially with endless amounts of chicken on it being cooked and smoked by a wood-fired grilled. The result? A perfectly smoked, juicy chicken. They serve the chicken with rice and various salsas, as well as corn tortillas made in-house. Such a simple concept, but executed perfectly! There can be a long wait during peak hours, so beware!" —Yelper Solomon K.

14. Taco Choza, Louisville, Kentucky

Taco Choza / Via

"There are so many taco places in Louisville, but this may have become my favorite. I found this joint, as it was one of the first places to pop-up on my Yelp app, and I was surprised by all of the five-star reviews. I came here with my husband on a Friday night, and we were able to walk up and order immediately. It is self-serve — you order and they give you a number. They also offer some alcoholic beverages, (mostly bottles), if you'd like to up your game. You can choose from a great variety of homemade salsas. So of course we tried them all! We could not stop loving our meal. So, its a taco joint, but I had to get the steak fajita burrito, and I'm drooling just thinking of it. This burrito is HUGE! They make it in a 12" wrap, which we did split, and I could hardly move afterwards. It was drenched in yummy queso. I could have licked the bowl. The steak was cooked perfectly with a good kick of spices and yummy veggies. I need this place to stay open forever, because I'm in love with their burrito. The service was great, and even the manager stopped by our table to make sure we were enjoying our food. We will definitely be back here to try out the quesadillas and more of the other tasty things on the menu." —Yelper Cortney K.

15. Rollin Fatties, New Orleans, Louisiana

Jackie S. / Via

"Holy mother of burritos! I've been deprived of good Mexican food/burritos since I've relocated to New York, but hot dayuuum, ROLLIN FATTIES is on my list of NOLA #GOAT. Rightfully named, these bad boys are stuffed to the max! It's a miracle they don't come bursting out of their tortilla wrap. There was just enough pico de gallo, without it being too soggy. The seasoned basmati rice was light, soft, and seriously flavorful. The red cabbage slaw had a heavenly pickle and honestly, I couldn't decide if I liked the rice, slaw, or protein more. The chipotle cream just tied everything together into a juicy, southern creole Studio 54 dance party that I want to be a part of forever. We ordered the chipotle pulled chicken and it was succulent, and not dry at all. The pan-seared tilapia had a nice seafood smell to it and added some extra sweetness to the overall burrito. I can't decide which I love more!" —Yelper Lisa Z.

16. Del Huerto Mexican Grill, Westminster, Maryland

Ching C. / Via

"Tacos were amazing! We got al pastor, picadillo, and chorizo. The al pastor was my favorite. My fiancée said the chorizo was one of the best she'd ever had, and she's from Texas, so I think that's saying something. We live 45 minutes away, but we will probably find some excuse to go back to Westminster again soon just to eat here. Side note: it's probably better to get takeout as there is not much room to sit down. If we were local, we would probably get takeout all the time!" —Yelper Jennifer M.

17. Taqueria El Amigo, Waltham, Massachusetts

Apex S. / Via

"Taqueria El Amigo has the best Mexican food I've had in the states. Their tacos are incredible. I always get the tacos especiales al pastor, and they are everything a taco should be: juicy, spicy, and crave-able. Their homemade tortillas and salsa stand out. I especially love the hot sauce they make that comes with tortilla chips in the restaurant. Even though it's small inside, (probably five two-person tables), I would recommend eating inside if possible, only because when you take tacos to go, the steam cooks them a little too much for my liking — takeout is never the same. Parking is tough, but so worth it if you manage to grab a spot. If you are craving tacos, there is no better place to go!" —Yelper Emily D.

18. La Probadita, Hart, Michigan

Jodi K. / Via

"Unbelievable. I was was blown away by the level of service and quality of food. The tacos are some of the best I've eaten. They come with double soft corn tortillas with choice of meat and onions and cilantro. They give you fresh lime wedges and two kinds of taco sauces. One creamy jalapeño, and one traditional hot sauce. Both homemade and delicious. The other great thing is the really reasonable price for bottles of beer. $2.75 for craft. The restaurant seating is basic tables and folding chairs. The lack of ambiance is not a factor when you get to dig into your food. Tip would be to bring cash. No credit cards are accepted. This place will be a regular place for me and my family from now on." —Yelper Steve S.

19. Catrinas Cerveza & Mexican Grill, Oakdale, Minnesota

Meky W. / Via

If I could only have one food for the rest of my life, it would be Catrinas. The Oakdale location is my usual, and most of the employees now know me by name and that I'm always going to have a 1/2 chorizo and 1/2 pollo verde bowl. The owner is the nicest man on Earth, and I can honestly say, he really does care about the quality of food AND your experience. And, there has never been a time when I wasn't treated like I was the only customer in the store, even when the line was literally out the door — don't let that line deter you, it goes fast! Everything is super fresh, the to-die-for sauces and salsas are made in-house, and that chorizo?? Nothing short of magic. Utter perfection, guys." —Yelper Summer R.

20. Tamale Shak, Oakdale, Mississippi

Kaitlin H. / Via

"Coming from New Mexico, and having had actual tamales made by glorious abuelitas, these are on that same level. I'm blown away. After trying nearly every place that boasts their tamales, these take the cake. They make them by hand every morning and afternoon, so they're guaranteed fresh. I love the atmosphere and location. You cannot go wrong by going here." —Yelper Dena B.

21. POI-Ō, Kansas City, Missouri

POI-Ō / Via

"Dear POI-Ō. I miss you. I miss the BBQ chicken, kimchi rice, elote, hot sauces — basically everything. I miss you wholeheartedly. The food was so fresh, hot, and addicting. Words cannot express my love for you. I wish I didn't live so far. But then again, I'm glad I do — I would be broke. I would spend all my money there and then some. Your decor was simple, clean, and cute. Your service was even better. You really know the way to a girl's heart. I will daydream and think about you until I make that four hour drive again. In my world, happiness was unicorns and rainbows. Now, I tell everyone it's all POI-Ō. It tops unicorns. I love you. I will see you before winter. Sincerely, your true love." —Yelper Kristina J.

22. Fiesta Mexicana, Dillon, Montana

George B. / Via

"Love, love, LOVE this place!!!! We moved back home to Montana after spending 12 years in California and have been craving authentic Mexican food. We took a road trip to Dillon today, (from Missoula), to pick up winter jackets at the Patagonia outlet and found this gem via Yelp. We tried the tacos — excellent, and the enchiladas — amazing, and enjoyed the the refried beans and spicy salsa as well. Cannot wait to return and try more items on their extensive menu!!" —Yelper Ally B.

23. For the Love of Food Truck, Bellevue, Nebraska

Nick P. / Via

"I've heard glowing reviews for this food truck for ages and finally had the opportunity to stop by for lunch today. Holy smokes! So darn good! I had the roasted pork burrito. It was incredible. So juicy and delicious, and bursting with flavor. I loved the added bits of french fried potatoes in there, too. The lady taking orders at the window was super nice, too. Made me feel like a brand new friend, rather than 'just a customer.' I'll definitely be back. Next time I may need to share with a friend, because the burrito was huge!" —Yelper Jim L.

24. Carlillos Cocina, Sparks, Nevada

Nate K. / Via

"After years of seeing nothing but 5/5 reviews for this place, I finally got the chance to check this place out. Just pulling into the parking lot, you realize how much of a hidden gem it is. Seating is open, so you just have to sit where you find a seat. We were fortunate to have found seats immediately, as it was in the middle of breakfast and lunchtime hours. Service is awesome, they are quick and polite with everything, and honestly amazingly efficient. We were hungry, so we ordered quick. My wife ordered the enchiladas and I went with the a asada breakfast burrito. Both came out in reasonable time and both were absolutely fantastic! I chose the potatoes as my side and she went with the beans and rice. We both agreed the potatoes were the way to go. Excellently priced place — it cost us $25 with tip. Looking forward to coming back soon!" —Yelper Harman B.

25. Benji's Taqueria Mexican Grill, Caldwell, New Jersey

Ini U. / Via

"Probably the best authentic taqueria in the Montclair/Verona/ Caldwell area and that's coming from a Mexican cuisine lover! I ordered tacos: two al pastor and two carnitas (four come in an order). Both were awesome. The al pastor ones came with onions and pineapple which complemented the tacos beautifully. In addition, I had to try their horchata which was solid. Molé is probably my favorite sauce in the world, so I ordered a side container of it. Their molé is very, very good. It's authentic Mexican and the flavors/spices/sauces emphasize that. Check it out!" —Yelper Matt B.

26. Ranchos Plaza Grill, Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico

Debra K. / Via

"A shining example of the kind of excellent New Mexican cuisine you need to be having on your trip to the Land of Enchantment. You only need one dish: blue corn carne adovada enchiladas, Christmas style. The best of both worlds on one plate. The carne adovada could stand on its own as a dish and be excellent, the enchiladas could be delicious on their own without the carne adovada. But put them together and magic happens. Unlike some places, the rice and beans on the side are actually good as well. Additionally, with dinner you get a sopapilla. It's not hard to mess up a sopapilla, but this place does them especially right. Good service, neat little building, and great food." —Yelper Sam R.

27. Los Tacos No. 1, New York, New York

Alfie S. / Via

"One of the best taco places we've eaten at! Just note, that it's standing only. No seats or tables. Communal eating space. The long line moves quickly. You place your order with one of the registers and pay, then give your order ticket to the food servers. They serve tacos in flour and corn tortillas. We have tried steak, pork, and chicken tacos in both flour and corn tortillas, came with 'con todos,' meaning with onions, cilantro, and guacamole. The amount of meat they put on the tortillas is pretty generous! They also have a self-serve salsa bar. The tacos are delicious. I really enjoyed the chicken tacos, while my husband really liked the pork and steak. It's affordable, delicious, and quick-service. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Plus, the floor and the entire place is very clean!! I'd definitely come back and will recommend this place." —Yelper Junaline G.

28. MMM Que Rico, Calabash, North Carolina

Lexi H. / Via

"My favorite place to eat in the entire Calabash area. Every time I come around here, I have to make a stop to this restaurant. They have the best tacos, empanadas, and plantains I have ever had!!! Don't even get me started with their chicken. So authentic and good, OMG. The service is awesome, too. They are so sweet and personable. They even remember my order now!! If you are in the Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle, or North Myrtle area, I would HIGHLY recommend for you to come here. You won't regret it." —Yelper Lexi H.

29. Taqueria El Guerro, Mandan, North Dakota

Lauren C. / Via

"There aren't words. Talk about authenticity, deliciousness, friendly staff, great location on a main road. It's just so, so, so good. Last night I had the guacamole, queso, and pico, then I had shrimp, pork, and beef tacos with a fruit punch soda. Could that meal have been better? Next time I'm saving room for flan, or tres leches, or both. It's just... what a place. I'm so happy. It's so good every time. The staff is so friendly. Taqueria El Guerro, thanks for being quite possibly my favorite restaurant of all time. Wow. Thank you. Please keep up the good work. I want to keep coming back again and again for more. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your craft, your perfection of food, and service. I'll see you next time." —Yelper Connor R.

30. Mi Burrito Mexican Grill, West Chester, Ohio

Rhonda M. / Via

"Mi Burrito is a Mexican street food eatery, providing authentic flavors while also catering to some American ordering styles. They have your typical build-your-own burrito line that you can find at other burrito chains, but all the flavors are unique to the restaurant. They also have tamales! The chicken is flavored in a green sauce and the pork is spicy in a red sauce. The taco salad that is offered is unique, as they have taco bowl shells which are optional, but delicious. The rice is fluffy and seasoned well. The meats are all kept in cooking juices, which ensures tender, juicy meat. The corn and tomato salsas are typical, however the sauces are good and they have options from mild, hot, to really hot for the daring cowboys and gals out there. I highly recommend the mild sauces poured directly over a burrito bowl. Even better when doing carry-out and letting the rice soak up the flavor." —Yelper Jaccard W.

31. Taqueria Sanchez, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tabitha F. / Via

"So let's taco bout how good these bad boys are. Their carne asada street tacos — a very solid five stars. A solid GOLD five stars. I would say the best street tacos in town. They are absolutely perfect with a squeeze of fresh lime and their hot salsa. The street tacos are teeny, but pack a powerful punch. Four tacos is generally pretty good for a meal. I've tried a few other things here, but nothing is quite as good as their carne asada street tacos. This truck is usually open until midnight every night, and until 1 a.m. on the weekends, so you can have these delicious little morsels any time of the day. Unfortunately, they are still cash only for now. For now, be sure to hit up the ATM, and then head on over for some deliciousness." —Yelper Tabitha F.

32. J Zapata, Drums, Pennsylvania

Virginia S. / Via

"A great pit stop for delicious lunch on a long road-trip from Philadelphia! We ordered the chicken tacos Mexicanos and the chorizo plate. The chicken tacos were amazing with the perfect amount of spice and fresh flavors. The chorizo was pretty good as well, and a great compliment to the tacos. The horchata was also very tasty, a little more vanilla flavor than we are used to, but nonetheless worth the money! Also the refreshing milky drink helped cut some of the spice. Overall, would recommend for hungry travelers going up route 80!" —Yelper Mike N.

33. Tallulah's Taqueria, Providence, Rhode Island

Barbara Ann W. / Via

"I could've sworn I already reviewed Tallulah's, but the local East Siders already know — this is the absolute best place in the area to get amazing burrito bowls, tacos, and nachos! So far, my favorite is anything with their carnitas, which are both tender AND a little crispy — a delightful surprise for the friend I brought here this week! Just perfect texture and flavor. I mainly get burrito bowls, but the tacos are inexpensive, so they're a great way to sample the less ordinary stuff like beef tongue, (which I've had before, but never with Mexican food), and the nachos are piled high with deliciousness. There's little seating indoors, but plenty of outdoor seating. Luckily, if you're in a rush, the wait isn't too bad ordering from the counter. You can always place an order to pick-up online, as well. Definitely a great spot to satisfy Mexican food cravings." —Yelper Janet Q.

34. El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant, Rapid City, South Dakota

Feeser F. / Via

"I LOVE Mexican food. I have lived most of my life in a state that borders Mexico, which pre-disposes me to certain expectations. I did NOT expect to find such delicious and authentic Mexican food in Rapid City. The first time we visited, I had the carnitas — DELISH. The second time, I had the steak fajitas. Again, a home run. Both times, my husband had the taco/enchilada combo, (he's a creature of habit). And EVERY TIME we are looking for a place to eat, my husband has suggested El Sombrero, (if that gives you any idea of how much he enjoyed the food). We've already been here twice in two weeks, and I have a feeling it won't be long until we go back again." —Yelper Chris T.

35. Maciel's Tortas and Tacos, Memphis, Tennessee

Andrew R. / Via

"I'm visiting my sister in Memphis, and who would have thought that this place would serve the best Mexican food outside of Mexico?! You have to check this place out if you're in the mood for Mexican food. The service is excellent, and the starter salsa is freshly made and tastes amazing! We ordered carne asada tacos, steak fajitas, and chicken and beef burritos. All were excellent choices, and the burritos came with eggs inside, which was pleasantly scrumptious! The flavor and texture combination was just amazing. Portion sizes were large, and we ended up taking some home. I'm definitely coming back next time I'm in town." —Yelper Parisa M.

36. Granny's Tacos, Austin, Texas

Maricela C. / Via

"I have never tasted tacos as good as Granny's Tacos. They were amazing and I truly wish that we had them available in Florida. The food truck was very clean and orderly. The small patio area was shaded by umbrellas and a big tree. I loved the music playing and appreciated the outstanding customer service. I ordered three tacos to share with my husband. Each taco was made-to-order and was served steaming hot. All three were perfect and I would order any of them again. The al pastor was my top favorite, and the rancheros taco was my husband's." —Yelper Laura G.

37. Taco Gordo, Burlington, Vermont

Chuck S. / Via

"This place is a total gem. It seems like you can get tacos just about anywhere nowadays. I usually find myself relatively underwhelmed when I have them anywhere other than San Diego or Denver. Not here! This five star rating is a total no-brainer. A very simple menu is done exceedingly well. I absolutely LOVED the increased salt level on everything. My carnitas were packed with salty, meaty awesomeness. And honestly, the chips and salsa/guacamole combo is, without a doubt, the best I have ever had. They must fry those chips in lard, because they are downright delicious. I WILL get there early enough for the rotisserie pastor next time. It sells out very quickly apparently, because I was there ab hour and a half after they opened on a Thursday, and it was already gone. Must be good." —Yelper John K.

38. Abuelita's, Richmond, Virginia

Tony A. / Via

"Coming from Southern California and living in Mexico for a bit has spoiled me on what good Mexican food really is. Virginia does not have great Mexican food in general, so I normally stay away to avoid disappointment. I've had Abuelita's on my radar for a while. Throwing caution to the wind I stopped by and my expectations were blown out of the water! First, I could smell the delicious aromas from the parking lot. Already a good sign. The food was exceptional and very authentic to Mexican cuisine. I got the pork belly in verde sauce, (my favorite by far!!!!), as well as the steak and potatoes. The tortillas were fresh, and the rice and beans spot on as well, but they are the back-up singers to the delicious guisos! The fresh salsa bar was a nice touch — they didn't just have salsas there, but also cabbage and pickled onions, which added a nice acidity and crunch! I also got horchata, which was awesome. I'm a sucker for horchata! The customer service was above and beyond. The staff were very friendly and informative if you were unsure what to get. The place was spotless. Like, opening day spotless, and the decor is a nice mix of modern, but also an old Abuelita's kitchen vibe. Couldn't speak higher about this place." —Yelper Matt C.

39. Taqueria Pollo Asado, Lynwood, Washington

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"This is hands down the best taco place I have visited in the Seattle area. Coming from SoCal and having plenty of delicious Mexican/street taco options, this place is everything I wanted and more. They have the best deal on tacos and I love their carnitas, which they fry so the meat is hot and crispy. The husband/wife who own the shop, and their team, really care about the food and make sure you are happy. Be sure to grab a horchata or melon drink (cantaloupe) they are the best!" —Yelper Sherrie T.

40. Maria's Taqueria, Shepherdstown, West Virginia

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"A bright, colorful place for great tacos and super friendly service. Came in around noon on a Saturday. Although it was busy, we still managed to grab a table for two. The menu is written on a chalkboard, and you order at the counter. There's complimentary water at the counter, but they also have bottled beverages as well as alcoholic ones. When you place your order, they ask for your name since they call it out and bring it to your table later. Food-wise, my boyfriend ordered the Maria Jane which is essentially a massive burrito smothered in their queso sauce. Highly recommended if you're starving! For myself, I ordered the three traditional tacos with pork which was topped with lots of fresh onion, cilantro, pico de gallo, queso, and lime. It was filling for me since they're pretty generous with the amount of taco filling, but if you're particularly starving you can order any of their sides. I can totally understand why this place is popular: friendly service, clean and decorative space, good prices, and great quality food!" —Yelper Susan W.

41. Tavo's Signature Cuisine, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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"Our new favorite restaurant in the city!! Tavo's has a very cozy and intimate vibe. I thought this would be typical Latin/ Mexican fine dine looking at the pictures on Yelp, but the food turned out to be so much better than I expected, in fact some of the best Latin food I've had in U.S. It might be a little compact, but the food will transport you into a blissful world where your taste buds will become alive. Food was simple, ingenious, and bursting with flavors. We could tell they used quality ingredients." —Yelper Dinesh S.

42. Rosa's & Ruben's, Cody, Wyoming

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"Excellent authentic Mexican food at a reasonable price! Our family ordered three Rosa's Specials as well as the chicken nachos. The portions were very generous, (if you aren't a big eater, you could easily split either of the entrees, or just do what we did and eat WAY too much because it is too good to abandon). The bread in Rosa's Special is homemade and yummy! The service is super friendly and quick. It should be noted that this is a food truck, so there is no inside seating, but there are a couple of big picnic tables on-site if you want to eat in the fresh air, or you can take your delicious meal to-go. If I am ever in Cody again, I will definitely come back to try some of the other menu items." —Yelper Karen M.

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