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10 Bachelorette Party Trends That Are Worse Than Phallic Accessories

Brides are making the bachelorette party far too complicated. What happened to pizza, booze, and a male stripper? We blame Instagram for requiring our lives to be planned and glammed. We'd rather say ditch than hitch to these trends.

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6. Taking a class.


Yes, I’d love to hang upside down during an aerial class after drinking a bottle of champagne. Oh, better yet, I’d love to look like a complete idiot sliding down a pole. Worst idea, ever.

7. The co-ed party.


Your bachelorette party is supposed to be a girl’s night out. Don’t let your future hubby-to-be and his boys spoil your fun. Let’s be honest, you’ll end up paying more attention to him than you do your girlfriends.

10. Lame scavenger hunts.


If we’re going to run around town as a pack of drunken psychos, it better be wild. Make the scavenger hunt risky and pee your pants funny. I want to see someone flash a bartender and ask a stranger for a condom.

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