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4 Bands Breaking New Ground

A movement harkening back to the early 2000s is in play.

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Everything comes in full circle, and that sentiment is no different for the music industry. As the new year unfolds there has been a cropping up of bands who musical stylings pay homage to the pop punk emo music that navigated the mainstream music of the early 2000's. This new movement has revitalized the sound of bittersweet nostalgia and teenage angst. Reminding us all that despite what society preaches it is okay to be a misfit with a tortured soul.

So if your heart is still fond of the sounds of the youth, I would urge you to take the time and listen to this group of bands, it is only a matter of time before these bands earn the success that they rightfully deserve.

Remo Drive - Hailing from Minnesota this emo/pop-punk band materialized in 2013 and as of March has currently released a full length album called "Greatest Hits". With tracks like "Yer Killin Me" which lyrically expresses a lot of the of the pent up frustrations of being in a toxic relationships with the sting being alleviated behind sinews of dirty melodic riffs along with some needed satire thrown in the mix. To other tracks like "I'm my own Doctor" a self diagnostic song depicting the singer trying to alleviate his problems through various means, but never finding the cure for his tortured soul. It is a song that will hit home for a lot of listeners and may easily be counted as one of the best songs off a debut album this year. This band has the capability to transport you back to your pubescent years and shake up some of the settled of the settled memories of your youth, while also igniting some dormant emotions that are sometimes hard to bare. As for this emotive band, even with little exposure they currently have, it is only a matter of time before the people catch a whiff of this band's potential and launch them to the surface to the mainstream music.

Sorority Noise - Resurrecting the badge of desperate screaming and heavy instrumentals, Sorority Noise takes the paradigm of it’s predecessors and elevates it to new heights. While although this band as stated that they are trying to break out of the mold of “emo rock” they are aware that their sound concocts the perfect brew of a great emotive band. However, unlike many other melodramatic artist, Sorority Noise does not let the structure of this movement limit their creative pursuits. Instead of relying on chaotic explosions of vocals and distorted instruments , Sorority Noise incorporates those elements in their music but unlike other groups their sound is controlled and structured. Some songs that are great examples of their exposition are “No Halo” “Using” and “Corrigan ”. If you’re looking for a new band to tug your emotional heart strings without the grit that is attached to other emotive bands, this is the band that I would suggest you put on your radar.

The Front Bottoms - Out of all the bands on this list, the band with the most versatility and adaptability would be gifted to the Front Bottoms. With an eclectic group of 5 records to their name, this band should be on the radar of anyone who is keen on reigniting the flames of their adolescent musical influences. With that being said, this New Jersey band has explored various musical genres throughout their career, ranging from emo pop, folk, and even indie influences. If you have not heard of this band, I would highly suggest you go do yourself a favour a explore their discography. Even though many of their songs range in style and presentation usually playing with lighter tonal notes a lot of their music has complex subject matter, ranging from personal strife to other emotionally laden material. Songs like “Help” “Wolfman” and “I Swear the Devil Made Me Do It” are fine examples of their diversity. For avid and new listeners alike the Front Bottoms are an excellent band to help process some taxing emotional burdens with a bit of ease and an unusual sense of comfort.

Balance and Composure - If you are looking for an emotive band that is succinct yet also incorporates elements of heavy atmospheric sounds and droning lyrics similar to those found in band like Brand New or Interpol, look no further, because Balance and Composure is the band for you. For those listeners who still want a deep thought provoking message but wanting to shy away bombastic vocals and driven instrumentals, Balance and Composure would be a worthy band of your taste. Songs like “Postcard”, “For a Walk” and “Reflection” illustrate their style perfectly and are tracks that would be recommended for newcomers. Even though this band has not experimented with their music to the same degree as their counterparts on this list, Balance and Composure knows the style that suits their musical direction, and if they continue to hone their capabilities they have the potential to produce another brilliant masterpiece.

So if you're longing for the musical genres of your youth, or seeking bands that can understand and express your sense of confusion and frustration, I would highly suggest you take some time and listen to each band on this list. Not only would you be be releasing pent up emotions, but you would also be exposed to bands that have a tremendous amount of talent and deserve every bit of recognition that they earn. You will hear songs of hope, lose, and the desire to find their standing in the world, messages that every one of us at some point in our lives have experienced and faced head on. Furthermore, if you do take the time to listen to these groups, I guarantee that you are in for one incredible musical journey.

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