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Are You Kevin Or One Of Three Of His Best Friends?

Merry Christmas K.C! (Christine and Kevin I know how much you hate me)

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  1. Who is your favorite character in The Better Strangers/A Document of Madness?

    Paulie, not Polly like Polly want a cracker
    PAULIE!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! #padamforever (also Jill and Adam and Oliver and the Player and EVERYONE but let's be real, it's Paulie)
    Jillian Celia Stern
    I don't watch the Better Strangers, what is this?
  2. What are you wearing?

    Something fancy but definitely not a shirt
    A flannel. One of your six flannels. You wear them constantly. You know what we're talking about.
    The Old Deuteronomy Coat
    Well it depends on if it's Tuesday or Thursday, because if it is, then it's African Dance Pants
  3. You're trash, right?

    I am a goblin.
    It's 6 am and I haven't left the Lav Lounge you know what I am.
    I'm TRASH *says this while making their hands cup their mouth so everyone can hear them*
    (S)He's okay.
  4. How do you feel about Hamilton?

    You're currently playing Kelly Clarkson's version of "It's Quiet Uptown" at 1.5 speed
    You've seen it thrice and people attack you for it.
    Sam bought you tickets and you still haven't payed her back by giving her tickets to Falsettos.
    You only saw it for Jonathan Groff.
  5. What's your favorite Christmas song?

    Magical Mr. Mistofolees from Cats
    All I Want For Christmas Is the Black Parade
    All I Want for Christmas is You
  6. What was your last tweet?

    Do you brush your teeth in the shower?
    is phil collins happy
    I'm so proud of my acting class and everything we accomplished (and also how salty we were about everything)
  7. What would you say is the best thing at GQ?

    Kevin's french fries
    Cheesy fries
    Mozz Sticks at 2 am
    Buffalo Chicken Fingers and Sweet Potato Fries
  8. What is your biggest fear?

    Fireworks and George Lopez
    Oh, like, fake scary stuff, like scary movies or haunted houses
    Living beyond 60
  9. What are you most known for?

    Your undying hatred of William Wordsworth
    Your undying love of Kevin Pugh
    Your Shaggy Walk
    Your African Dance Pants
  10. Who is your favorite Narciso?

    Your sister, the younger one
    Idk, probably Grace
    The fact that no one picked Sam is honestly insulting.
  11. What is your favorite thing about Kevin?

    The conversations we have based solely through looks
    I don’t know, hair? Eyes? One of those guys
    The fact that he always shows up whenever you're crying hysterically and gives you the best hugs ever. Also when you're at a party and scream KEVIN and he'll just walk right over cause he knows you'll keep screaming KEVIN unless he comes over. Also the fa
    probably the weird ear smooches or when we look at each other from across a room at make faces but also when I force him to take more shots

Are You Kevin Or One Of Three Of His Best Friends?

You got: K.C.

The queen of the trash. Just the queen. You literally texted Sam about this and said you wanted one and then made her make the quiz. She's #bitter but you're her bff so it's okay.

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You got: Kevin

All of KC and Sam's conversations are about how much they love you and how much they wish you were their best friend. Christine believes that Sam should calm down about Kevin. KC thinks that Sam is crazy. but if you're Kevin, you're generally the best person in the world and all the people in this quiz love you.

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You got: Sam

Look you just want people to be happy.

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You got: Christine

Surprise!!! You and KC don't even know each other so what are you doing in this quiz??? Well you're best friends with the other two members of the quiz so you deserve to be here. Also, you hate buzzfeed quizzes and when you found out about this you got aggressive.

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