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    31 Useful Products From Target That’ll Help Solve Your Most Common Annoyances

    And good riddance to dehydration, ingrown hairs, tampons, and messy cabinets.

    1. A very sturdy file cabinet that doesn't look like a file cabinet! I feel like the appeal is pretty self-explanatory on this one.

    the walnut finish file cabinet with extended black drawer

    2. A fitted sheet with extra elastic at the corners and labels so you know which side is which. It's also great for extra tall mattresses or when you're using a thick foam topper.

    A person pulling the sheet over the corner of a bed

    3. A cloth-upholstered storage ottoman that's double the usual size and a worthy adversary for the mountain of blankets and throw pillows that have been slowly taking over your sofa for months.

    The ottoman in gray, in a living room

    4. A menstrual cup – it's easy to use even if you're a beginner and could save you a lot of money on tampons and pads that would just end up in the garbage anyway. It folds easily, has a flattened bit on the side to show you where to place your finger while you hold it, and the bottom narrows in a way that makes it easy to remove.

    A model holds the product

    5. A pet stain and odor eliminator that uses enzymes to break down urine stains and lingering odors, even on stubborn problem areas. A lot of people say this one worked where others didn't, to make their floors, furniture, and fabrics pristine.

    The product spray bottle

    6. A combination hair dryer and detangler because getting your hair just right is so time-consuming. This will cut that time waaaaay down. Sleep longer, get places earlier, and save yourself the aggravation of having hot air blowing in your face for like an hour every time you get out of the shower. Sounds like a win to me.

    A model uses the product, in teal

    7. An upholstered headboard that for once doesn't look like part of a couch, and will make your bedroom look way fancier in a flash. Also, don't you want to stop hitting your head against the wall?

    The headboard in brown and twin-size

    8. A silicone baking mat reviewers swear is just as good as a Silpat, for 60% less. It fits right into a standard cookie sheet, and any mess that gets on it stays there instead of soaking through, so it can be washed right off. It's so much easier than spending interminable prune-handed minutes prying off burnt-on bits and stubborn sauce stains.

    The silicone baking mat on the metal tray

    9. A container lid organizer to save space in your cupboards, and also save ~you~ from the aggravation of having to paw through a huge pile of different lids and try several that don't fit, before giving up and resigning yourself to dried-out leftovers.

    The container lid organizer in white

    10. A five-tier pants hanger because it's easier to find the right pair when they're hanging, instead of having to dig through a drawer (inevitably crumpling everything in the process).

    black pants hanger holding up a pink pant and a light gray pant

    11. A handheld garment steamer to remove wrinkles from your clothes right on the hanger, without the hassle of an iron and ironing board.

    Model using a garment steamer to steam a pink blouse

    12. Peel-and-stick wallpaper because it's annoying that your walls are boring and this is a quick and easy way to add some pizazz. And since it's a cinch to remove and leaves no residue, it's perfect for renters and homeowners alike.

    Pink metallic wallpaper

    13. A deep seat cushion in a rad black and white print, to protect your delicate backside from accidentally getting burned on metal bleachers. It's also a nifty tool to make hard chairs and stools more comfortable, or to make seating more accessible for you if you or someone you care about has back pain.

    The black and white cushion

    14. A Soap & Glory makeup remover because getting makeup off is a pain, but it shouldn't be painful for your face — or wallet! Reviewers say this is an equally effective and way less irritating alternative to Clinique's "Take the Day Off" cleansing balm. It's also a whopping 60% cheaper.

    A model has a dollop on the balm on their face, and you can see the milky texture

    15. An inexpensive drawer organizer for anyone who's ever been annoyed shuffling through a drawer for several minutes trying to find the one remaining clean spoon. It'll keep your flatware organized and at the ready for your eating pleasure. It's dishwasher safe and more bacteria-resistant than bamboo or whatever pressboard Ikea was using when they manufactured your cabinets.

    The drawer organizer in gray holding silverware

    16. A diamond-patterned area rug that'll really tie the room together even if you're as accident-prone as I am, because it's machine-washable and has a no-slip backing that actually works. And if you do end up staining it into oblivion, NBD, because it's affordable as heck.

    The rug in pink

    17. A rollout under-the-sink organizer with nifty features like wheels and movable dividers, so you always have easy access to your cleaning supplies, spare toiletries, medicines, and anything else that's natural state is cabinet chaos.

    The roll out undersink organizer with wheels in white

    18. A gentle foaming facial cleanser that's truly 100% free of fragrances, alcohol, parabens, and silicone, as well as common allergens like gluten and propylene glycol. If you've been struggling to find a sensitive skin facial cleanser that actually works, stop looking — this is the one.

    A model uses the cleanser

    19. A slim rolling utility cart sized to fit perfectly between your washer and dryer, so you can store your laundry supplies right where you need them even if you don't have room for a full-on cabinet.

    white rolling cart in between a washer and dryer with laundry supplies on it

    20. A bathtub drain protector to keep your hair and whatever else gets in there out of your easily-clogged, difficult-to-repair bath drainpipe.

    bathtub drain protector

    21. A vacuum sealer because food keeps getting more expensive and you can save a ton by extending the shelf life of your meats, veggies, and pantry staples. It keeps food preserved up to five times longer by sucking all the air out and heat-sealing special plastic bags. People get really into it, but lucky for all you novice freshness fanatics, it comes with two rolls of bags to get you started.

    The FoodSaver sealing a bag with some raw red meat in it

    22. An old-fashioned safety razor I've used and like more than the others I've tried because the texture on the handle is surprisingly easy to hold, even when it's covered in shaving cream. It uses standard two-sided razor blades, which are cheaper than plastic cartridges and more environmentally friendly too.

    The razor

    23. A four-piece set of food-safe organizing bins because there's nothing more therapeutic than an organized refrigerator, countertop, pantry, or closet. It comes with two wide and two slim bins that are super durable and clear for easy viewing.

    The four-piece refrigerator storage bin set in clear plastic

    24. A keyboard and laptop stand with adjustable height and tilt, to work from the couch or bed or seated on the floor without hunching over awkwardly. And, if you feel limited by your current desk's height, you can turn it into a standing desk.

    25. A leave-in conditioner from TGIN (a Black-owned business!) that uses the near-magical anti-dryness properties of honey and olive oil to get your hair happy and hydrated again, while also detangling with avocado and jojoba oils. Reviewers with naturally curly hair swear by it.

    The mask with ingredients behind it (honey and alow)

    26. A softening oil for hair and skin that helps prevent irritation from dryness and the inevitable (and oh-so-annoying) post-shave rash, when those suckers start to grow in and your skin is just not having it.

    A model applies the balm on irritated skin

    27. A smart Bluetooth water bottle that blinks and glows to remind you to drink because it tracks your hydration through a phone app.

    The bottle in black glowing rainbow on the bottom.

    28. A propane-fueled patio heater to keep your party going even when summer nights turn chilly.

    The heater in a backyard