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    30 Things From Amazon That Reviewers Really Love

    OG sneakers, a super cute high-cut bikini, shade canopies that won't blow away, and other products people love to love.

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    1. A sun shade with SPF 50 protection that reviewers swear by because it's designed not to go ANYWHERE, even in high winds.

    Models lounge under the product

    2. A Wi-Fi–enabled pet monitoring device that lets you watch, talk to, and send treats your cherished companion from an app on your phone and that reviewers are happy they bought for all-the-time peace of mind.

    A screenshot using the device app

    3. A smart plug you can hook up to Alexa to control whatever's plugged in, using just the magic of your beautiful voice.

    The outlet, plugged in

    4. A nonslip area rug reviewers adore because it looks great with any decor and you can just toss in the washing machine when it comes time to clean it.

    dogs on gray rug

    5. A tablecloth that's spill-resistant, machine-washable, and gorgeous. Reviewers praise it for the quality fabric and making dining areas look polished and put together…no matter how ugly your dining table is!

    The tablecloth in gray

    6. A fun and frilly summer dress you can tie for a custom fit and that's made out of a light fabric, so it will keep you nice and cool on sticky summer afternoons. Reviewers say it beat their expectations and might even be the best Amazon purchase they've ever made!

    A reviewer looks flawless in the dress in black with white polka dots

    7. A 6-foot, tangle-resistant, extra-strong rope leash with a padded handle you'll thank yourself for buying, because now you can take your rapacious rascal for a romp without having to worry about chapped and blistered hands from their never-ending tugs.

    A person uses the leash while their dog pulls on it

    8. A super high-velocity, extra heavy-duty floor- or wall-mounted fan for when you really need to get the air moving. This thing is big, loud, powerful, and sure to cool you down *quick*.

    The fan in a gym and garages

    9. A 68-piece Black+Decker wireless electric drill and toolkit that comes with basically every basic tool and drill accessory you can think of, for much less than you'd spend trying to buy each item individually.

    The kit

    10. A medium-impact sports bra reviewers swear by for yoga, weightlifting, and cross-training. They also love the price and the soft fabric, which holds up well wash after wash.

    11. A set of anti-fatigue mats folks rave over because they're basically the comfiest ones out there, and they're wicked easy to clean: stuff wipes right off!

    The mats in blue in a kitchen

    12. A retro and oh-so-cute high-waisted bikini reviewers swear by because it's super comfy to wear and it offers really great, reliable support.

    A reviewer looking absolutely gorgeous in the two-piece swimsuit; it has a polka dot bustier top and the bottoms are square-cut and reach above the belly button on this person

    13. And! A pair of swim trunks with a super smooth mesh lining, plenty of useful pockets (some with Velcro!), and a just-right 5" inseam that's right at mid-thigh for most folks.

    14. A wet/dry vacuum to get tough stains off your hard floors without ever having to break out the mop.

    15. A dryer vent cleaning kit with a brush on a 30-foot rod, that you can attach to a power drill to remove all the lint that's built up. You'll be shocked how much crud is stuck up in there!

    16. A set of stackable fridge and pantry organizers to free up space and make things easier to find.

    17. A pair of Vans low-top skate shoes that you can wear all day and walk for miles in without even thinking about it.

    18. A Niteangel silent hamster wheel so your small pet can run their little hearts out without keeping you up. It's a great investment in the well-being of everyone involved.

    Thor the hamster uses their wheel

    19. A set of baby shark decals to decorate your walls with something lively, aquatic-themed, and fun.

    The stickers on a wall

    20. A set of dental scrapers for an easy investment in your pupper's oral health and wellness. Reviewers say they're easy to use even in the tiniest of pup mouths and do a fabulous job freeing mouths from tortuous tartar buildup.

    21. A UV swim shirt from Speedo that reviewers love for the loose fit, sun protection, and because it dries off really fast.

    A reviewer wears the shirt in blue

    22. An essential oil diffuser that changes color and runs a really long time without needing a refill. Put a few drops of your favorite botanical scent in with water, and it'll mist out aromatic good vibes for up to 16 hours.

    The diffuser lit up purple and doing it's business

    23. A set of super-affordable kitchen scissors, which cut through anything really easily. Reviewers swear by them to cut down on cooking prep time and make difficult tasks like opening packaging a lot easier.

    The scissors in red and gray

    24. An extra-cushy 6 mm yoga mat that comes in all kids of fun prints, will keep you from slip-n-sliding while you work out, and is sure to last you a good long while.

    A reviewer uses the mat, in the peacock pattern

    25. A pair of Adidas Superstar sneakers, because they're a forever-fresh sneakerhead favorite and your shoe collection isn't complete without them. And, with 51 different color combinations, there's definitely one that's just the right vibe for you.

    26. A hanging chair folks say is sooooo comfy, with a minimal freestanding design that looks pretty great too.

    The chair in white

    27. A kitchen scale perfect for exact portion control or for when you've been binging cooking shows all weekend and now you want to get real exact with your ingredient quantities. This one comes with a bowl to help you measure.

    The scale with some pasta in it

    28. A trampoline that comes with everything you need to get your backyard in the ~spring~ of things this summer, safely.

    A child uses the trampoline, and looks absolutely thrilled

    29. An Umbra over-the-door coat rack or entryway organizer, because you want a stylish way to tame the growing mess around your front door. People use the over-the-door one for all kinds of stuff, from jewelry, to jackets, to hats.

    30. A set of foldaway traction-padded plastic pet steps — which weigh only five pounds but can support pets up to 150 pounds — to help your fur babies make their way in and out of cars, beds, and couches without risking injury. Owners who want to cater to their pet's mobility needs agree this is a total game-changer.

    A dog climbs down from the couch using the steps

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