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    31 Things Amazon Reviewers Really Love

    OG New Balance sneakers, the world's comfiest pajamas, borosilicate glass kitchenware that's way safer than Pyrex, and a discreet travel stash jar I promise is 100% smell-proof.

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    1. A satin pajama set reviewers say are basically the comfiest thing ever invented.

    The pajamas in red

    2. A compact HEPA air purifier for clearing out smoke and particulate pollution — something we could all use right now.

    3. And a dehumidifier that's compact but mighty enough to keep a whole basement dry. I have a 20-pint model myself and I love the power — it'll lower the humidity from 75% to 30% in my bedroom in about 10 minutes, on the normal setting. I also love the ability to set the humidity level you want, the sleep timer, an even higher-powered setting, and filter and "tank full" alarms to let you know it needs some attention.

    My large dehumidifier with my hand and a can, for scale.

    4. A tiny surge protector you can screw into your existing outlet to power five regular three-prong plugs, three USB cords and a USB-C cord.

    5. A No Cow plant-based protein bar for a vegan, naturally-sweetened snack that's lactose-free, soy-free, certified gluten-free, and has only one gram of sugar and 20+ grams of protein per bar.

    The protein bar in Birthday Cake

    6. A medicated dog shampoo to eliminate fungus, parasites, skin scaling, rashes, inflammation, and greasy skin. Reviewer photos show some really transformative results.

    7. A pull-up assister, because despite months of trying you're still struggling and this could be just the assist you need. It's basically a couple resistance bands and a foot stirrup; add or subtract bands to give you just the lift you're looking for.

    The assist

    8. An airtight aluminum stash jar that will hold a healthy nug or up to an eighth of ground herb, just right for when you're on the go. Reviewers swear really keeps anyone else from smelling that you're holding. It's about the same size as that pill bottle you've been using, but way better.

    The jar compared to a pill jar, and it's slightly smaller

    9. A nose soother for dry, crusty, or chapped dog noses to try when nothing else will soothe your poor pup's snout.

    A dog's nose before and after using the balm, with large crusty patch gone

    10. A heavy bag hanger that's designed to be mounted to wooden bracing that you screw into your studs, for truly secure punching bag hardware. Reviewers swear it's a cinch to install and can really take a beating.

    11. And! A 100-pound heavy bag with hundreds of rave reviews and a ton of thoughtful details: it's stitched closed and the stitching is very heavy-duty, the fabric is tear-proof, and there's metal rings and chains to hang it from.

    The black bag, hanging

    12. A pair of stretchy, flat-front pants that are basically leggings... with the added benefit of tons of pockets and a zipper fly so they're even easier to get on and off. There's not a lot of clothing you can wear straight from yoga practice to a wedding, but you could definitely pull it off in these bad boys.

    13. A set of three lightweight ceramic pots with drainage holes and a base that'll keep the water that drains out from leaving rings on your wooden shelf or coffee table. Reviewers are really pleased with the shape and size, and say they look really substantial even though they're nice and light.

    The pots with plants in them.

    14. A tape measure two-pack I use myself for all of my household measuring needs. Hanging a picture in the right spot? Figuring out if that new chair will fit? Need to be sure of your clothing size? It has you covered.

    black and pink tape measures, one retractable

    15. A stumpy little natural-edge stool and side table, to give your living room or backyard the Bag End treatment. It's made of reclaimed cedar, so it'll stand the test of time even if you keep it outside.

    16. A pair of ever-iconic New Balance 574 sneakers for OG style, that reviewers also swear by for unparalleled everyday comfort.

    reviewer wearing the shoes in gray

    17. An 18" x 60" extra-long kitchen mat reviewers use for when they need a little extra coverage compared to a doormat-sized one. They also rave it's the best kitchen mat they've ever tried. I have some myself, and totally agree!

    18. A pair of loose-fitting yoga paints that actually look like pants, so they're good for downward facing well as downstairs-for-food jogs, downtown shopping slogs, and don't care binge-watch fogs. Reviewers love the versatility and rave over the fit and feel, especially the nice wide waistband.

    19. A Yeti-dupe insulated travel tumbler, which is a third of the price and 100% as awesomely functional. It'll keep your hot stuff hot, and cold stuff cold, all day long...and then some!

    20. An eye rinse for cats that uses boric acid to fight infections, removes debris, and prevents tear stains.

    21. A low price weeder, wich really works to effectively expurgate pesky plants from your yard, without ever having to resort to toxic chemicals, a dangerous string trimmer...or even bending over! Stick it in the ground, twist, pull, and you'll remove that sucker by the roots.

    22. A glass teapot with a built-in diffuser, stay-cool handle, and drip-proof spout. It's made of borosilicate glass — that's the same as old-school Pyrex, and basically unbreakable. You can use it on a stove as a kettle, put it in the microwave, and wash it in the dishwasher.

    23. And! A glass mixing bowl made of borosilicate glass, so it's extra tough and super temperature-resistant, just like Pyrex used to be.

    24. A combination fan and LED lantern to take with you camping or keep at home in case the next heat wave causes your power to go out.

    25. An unscented FDA-compliant sunscreen spray for dogs and horses that's nongreasy, and water- and sweat-resistant to help give sun-related injuries a chance to heal and to help reduce your four-legged friend's chance of skin cancer and other maladies.

    A dog before using the spray / a dog after using the spray

    26. A balance ball stool to give your poor back a break when you're sitting in the same position all day. It's a great alternative to an office chair, that's not only ergonomically better, but will also help you work on your balance.

    The stool

    27. A carpet cleaning solution adored by folks who've had enough of stinky, stained carpets. It's biodegradable and nontoxic and will make your carpet look and smell like new.

    28. A pair of chonky gold hoops that are just the juicy ear accessory you've been looking for. They're so light and comfy, you'll barely notice you're wearing them — in fact, some reviewers wear them to sleep!

    29. A diffuser, which changes color and reviewers swear puts out enough vapor to vibe up a large room.

    30. An off-the-shoulder dress with princess sleeves, because we all could use a little bit of the royal treatment in our lives right now.

    A reviewer wears the dress in red

    31. A tiny temperature and humidity sensor so you can know if the basement's getting too damp without having to actually go down there. Or stick one in the fridge to be sure it's staying at the right temperature. You can connect as many as you want to a dedicated app, to monitor the climate throughout your house in real time.

    When you finally get the humidity under control:

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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