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    30 Things Amazon Reviewers Really Love

    A longline bra you can wear as a shirt, basically magic floor polish, clip-on strainers, and tons of other stuff to make your life easier.

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    1. A garlic twist that’ll make mincing garlic the breeziest of breezes. Reviewers say this little contraption works best with two or three cloves at a time — but once you’ve popped them into the chamber, all you have to do is twist the halves back and forth a few times, and voila! Perfectly minced garlic.

    Reviewer's photo of minced garlic in the garlic twist

    2. A pack of cupboard bumpers, because if you're anything like me, you have an unfortunate tendency to slam the cabinets shut after your late-night snack attacks.

    3. A lifelike bird of paradise plant your friends will swear is real. Reviewers love using it in spaces where a living plant would struggle, and because it needs zero care to keep it looking phenomenal.

    4. A Lulu dupe longline sports bra so you can switch up your workout looks. This super soft sports bra pairs perfectly with your favorite pair of high-waisted leggings. Take it to the gym or make it an everyday look with a jacket and jeans!

    reviewer in the tank in white

    5. A set of gardening shears, because your outdoor landscaping situation is in need of some *serious* TLC. They're nice and sharp, spring loaded, easy to handle, and the locking mechanism actually works so they stay shut when you're not using them.

    Cutting with the orange shears

    6. A tree light that'll bring a warm glow to your space in the most artistic fashion. This tree looks like a sculpture, and will definitely become the centerpiece of any room in which it's found.

    A tabletop fairy tree light

    7. A Cat Dancer toy, which is just a piece of cardboard on wire, but boy howdy do kitties adore swatting and jumping at it.

    A cat plays with the toy in an image labelled "CAT DANCER, easily moves like a bug with a flick of the wrist!"

    8. An “All Out Of” memo pad that’ll help you plan out your next grocery shopping trip like a pro: just check off the box next to the item on the list when you realize you're out. Plus, there’s extra room to write in your personal staples. And with everything organized into a whopping 22 categories – well, let’s just say that you’ll probably never forget anything again. Ever.

    The memo pad in blue

    9. A pair of wireless headphones, which offer excellent sound quality for the price — not bad, considering they cost 60% less than a pair of comparable Beats. They also have the features you're looking for: they're waterproof, noise-cancelling, and work for up to nine hours, so you'll get hyped and focus on your workout.

    A reviewer wears the headphones

    10. A bottle of RMR-86 instant stain remover spray that'll get the mold and mildew off of your outdoor furniture lickety-split.

    11. A soft and stretchy V-neck T-shirt, because summer is upon us and you're gonna wanna wear this every day. It has très chic tulip sleeves to elevate it over your basic tee, so go ahead and take this look from a day on the couch to a fun night out.

    A reviewer modeling a pink v neck tshirt

    12. A ChuckIt ball, because it's amazingly durable and the puppers adore them.

    A black and white dog with the orange and blue ball in its mouth

    13. A three-in-one silicone caulking tool that comes equipped with a trowel and five replaceable pads, a cleaning blade, and a steel scraper. You'll love reliving the satisfaction of getting nice neat edges every time you look at your excellent filling and groutwork.

    14. A bamboo bath caddy because your self-care routine deserves a glow up. With plenty of room for a drink, snacks, a tablet, and a candle, you might wind up in the bath all day long.

    An adjustable, bamboo bath tray above a bath with a drink, iPad, and candle atop

    15. A yoga mat strap designed to fit any yoga mat you have, so you can stop trying to figure out a comfortable way to carry one to and from class. This is the best way!

    16. A faux fur blanket for those looking to level up their snuggling game. A plush, luxurious throw for under $25? Yes, please!

    A white faux fur throw blanket draped over an accent chair

    17. A baking soda-based deodorizer to make your cat's litter box smell like not much at all, without having to mask odors with an overpowering fragrance.

    A box of the deoderizer

    18. An ab roller that comes with foam pads to protect your knees as you roll your way to a six-pack.

    19. A mesh racerback workout top so you can sweat in style. This tank is perfect for all the exercises – yoga, running, Pilates – you name it, this top can handle it.

    20. A set of blackout curtains, because you have a streetlight outside your bedroom and you're tired of your mom telling you that "exhausted isn't a good look on you" during FaceTime calls. These really do block out the light, so you can finally get your beauty sleep.

    tan curtains blocking lots of light from a reviewer's window, with the text "total eclipse of the light"

    21. A bottle of Feed-N-Wax wood polish with almost 6,000 5-star reviews, to polish up all of your wood floors, doors, and furniture. In addition to polishing, it'll also condition the wood and help keep it from drying and fading.

    reviewer photo showing half of their floor looking completely new after applying the Feed-N-Wax to it

    22. A bag of dried mealworms, which may sound gross to you, but reviewers say wild and domestic birds just love this stuff. They're great for reptiles too!

    A bird on a feeder with the product inside it

    23. A printed summer dress that'll keep you feeling fresh and flirty all day long. Go boho chic or sleek and stylish with a wide selection of cute patterns and bold colors. Bonus, it's machine washable!

    reviewer wearing the knee length spotted halter dress in black and white

    24. A strainer that clips directly to your pot, because who wants to dirty up a whole colander every time they make just one bowl of pasta? No one. That’s who. This silicone pick is amazingly versatile, by the way. Reviewers say they use them for pasta (obv), but also for things like draining meat, because it's super easy to clean and sanitize. Plus it fits on pots and bowls in various sizes.

    Reviewer using the strainer in green

    25. Or, a sturdy over-the-sink strainer, in case you have a (totally valid!) distrust things that use clips. This silicone strainer’s telescoping handles mean it’ll fit over sinks of all sizes, from the cute and compact to the expansively vast.

    the strainer in green and gray draining berries

    26. A soft weighted exercise ball to use to strengthen and tone. They come in a variety of weights, so it's easy to graduate to the next one when you're ready.

    A reviewer squeezes a four-pound green ball

    27. A horse liniment cream that reduces joint pain and swelling in both humans and pets.

    A tube of the gel

    28. A pair of boxing gloves sure to really help you ~hit~ your next boxing class.

    29. A Champion jersey muscle tank, because when you're working out, you won't want to restrict your arms. This super soft shirt has an athletic fit for comfort and a narrow collar for a modern touch.

    30. A silicone utensil rest that’s big enough to hold up to ~four~ cooking tools at once. It's heat-resistant and also comes in a rainbow of colors, because what’s a kitchen these days without a pop of color to brighten things up?

    Reviewer's utensil rest in sky blue

    You ascending to a new plane of awesomeness, after those blackout curtains help you to finally get a full night's sleep:

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