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    26 Delicious Cookies You Can Order Online

    Amazing cookies from around the world, guaranteed to make you say "om nom nom nom nom."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Is this you? Well, I empathize. I love cookies too.

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    Maybe you're looking for something special, or maybe you've got a cookie-lover in your life you'd like to send a sweet gift. For whatever reason your cookie craving's been cajoled, I've picked out the best ones you can buy online right now.

    From grain-free, to kosher takes on classics, to the truly enormous, there's really something for everyone out there! Let's take a look:

    1. A multipack of Hu grain-free cookies because not only are they gluten-free and dairy-free, they have no added sugar, gums, sugar alcohols, erythritol, or stevia. Most are paleo and all are keto-friendly. I have a few of those dietary restrictions and have eaten these myself — they are uncompromisingly delicious!

    The cookies, staked.
    Hu Kitchen

    The 2.25-ounce pack contains one each of chocolate chip, ginger snap, snickerdoodle, and peanut butter flavors. The peanut butter is the one that's paleo. They're not vegan, but they are vegetarian and use humane-certified cage free eggs. I like them a lot because they're just really good cookies, and they don't make me sick. Often those things are mutually exclusive.

    Promising review: "It’s been tough trying to find brands that are within my dietary restrictions, but Hu makes it easy to get delicious snacks of different varieties within my limitations." —Gregory R.

    Get it from Hu Kitchen for $20.

    2. A multi-pack of Tate's Bake Shop gluten-free cookies, because they're crispy and *so* delicious. My friends who actually can eat gluten say they're just as delicious (if not more-so) than the regular type. I think every gluten-averse cookie connoisseur should give these a try.

    The crispy-looking cookies

    I fell in love with these when I was spending a lot of time in Long Island's East End a few years ago and they've become my late-night bodega-run favorite. And, great news, fellow gluten-avoiders: they're made in a certified gluten free facility, no cross-contamination risk here! The chocolate chip is the best one, IMHO.

    Promising review: "I think these are the best store-bought cookies I have ever had. Homemade chocolate chips are my favorite cookies (ok, face it, my favorite FOOD) in the world! But they have to be made with butter! And they need to be CRISPY! Well, these have actually done all that! They taste as close to homemade as not to matter, they have the wonderful butter flavor, and they are CRISPY! OH! I forgot! I don't like so many chips in them that you can't taste the cookie. These have the perfect number of chips in them for me. I NEVER EVER thought I would find cookies like this I could buy! I have tried both plain chocolate chip and gluten-free chocolate chip. They both taste absolutely perfect! I can't recommend any of the others, as I wouldn't waste my time trying any of them when I could eat plain ole perfect ole chocolate chip! I can find ZERO cons for this cookie!" —Feemeister

    Get it from Amazon for $14.68 (available in three flavors and two variety packs).

    3. A 24-pack of Daelmans stroopwafels, a Dutch treat many Americans are most familiar with as those delicious cookies they serve on United flights. Like the name implies, they have a creamy layer of cinnamon/vanilla filling sandwiched between two impossibly thin waffle biscuits. My Amsterdammer friend swears by them, and has one with coffee most mornings.

    The waffle-like cookies

    Did you know the word "cookie" is an Anglicization of the Dutch word "koejke?"

    Amazon is a great place to buy these in bulk, and they keep really well.

    Promising review: "DANGER! These waffles are absolutely delicious. I just put in my third order. Yes, I am a pig and I have one for breakfast with my coffee and then during the day for a sweet treat. I have purchased so many I have frozen a lot of them and they freeze well — enclosed in a air tight container so they last a very long time. Don't pass these up, they are absolutely scrumptious!!! There are many brands I see here but these were the best buy, and after getting them I am really glad I chose this particular brand. You will not be disappointed." —Sherrie H

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95

    4. A multipack of Hobnobs, the British oatmeal cookies that're crispy, crunchy, and decidedly cravable. They can be eaten dunked in tea, smothered with jam or a savory schmear, sandwiching some meat and cheese, or crumbled over ice cream. They're amazing no matter how you eat them!

    Sleeves of the cookies

    I know, I know: savory stuff with cookies, Samantha?!? Really??


    As any good GBBO fan knows, the Brits don't really do cookies, they make "biscuits." And that's what these are, something like an oatmeal cookie, but not nearly as sweet (and, because they never belonged in cookies to begin with, totally raisin-free!). These came into my life by way of a college studio-mate from Hong Kong, who'd bring back a suitcase-full after every holiday break, and share them for us all to stress-eat when modelmaking kept us at work until early in the morning. I don't miss college, but I do miss being able to eat these (as I've long since stopped eating anything with wheat in it). While you're going to pay way more on Amazon than the £1-a-sleeve you'd spend in a vending machine or corner shop across the pond, it's still cheaper than a transatlantic (or transpacific) flight. FWIW, these are shipped in bubble-wrap and many reviewers mention they arrive in perfect condition.

    Promising review: "These were wonderful. Mine arrived without a single cookie broken and they were very fresh. I was looking for a cookie to go with tea, which isn't the easiest thing to find in America, and these were perfect. Not too sweet, but satisfying enough to only need a few. As for taste, they are very similar to the Nature Valley Honey & Oat Bar. I will definitely be adding these to my grocery list from now on." —Quinn DeShay

    Get it from Amazon for $13.40+ (available in five quantities)

    5. A pack of the famous bacon fat gingersnaps from Montreal's own Finer Cookie Corp. They're spiced juuuust right, and the bacon fat adds a level of decadence people think is downright delicious. C'est fin!

    The cookies
    Finer Cookie Corp.

    Promising review: "The best ginger snap cookies I’ve ever eaten! Perfect balance of ginger taste and crunchiness. It’s almost sinful adding bacon fat to these crunchy delights, but the subtle bacon flavor makes them, well… simply amazing!" —Matthew

    Get them from the Finer Cookie Corporation $13.50+ (available in six- and 12-packs)

    6. A box of Godiva chocolate biscuits that are, of course, a delectable delicacy sure to delight anyone you buy them for. But the real props here goes to the shipping: Godiva ships them in a cooler, with an ice pack, and wrapped in insulation, so they should arrive in perfect condition.

    The cookie assortment

    Promising review: "Nothing but respect. I purchased this for my birthday, never tried Godiva before but I’m a sucker for a chocolate biscuit. I was a bit skeptical because I live in Texas, it’s an oven-hot day of spring as per usual, 104 degrees Fahrenheit, but the box arrived in a little cooler inside a regular box. You guys nailed it! They were not frozen, not melted, just the right temperature. Sadly I didn’t hide them from my kids, and now they’re all gone. I will be forced to purchase again soon." —Lucky77

    Get it from Amazon for $16.59+ (available in three sizes).

    7. Some strawberry-flavored Pocky, because everyone knows that's the best flavor of this iconic cookie stick snack, but they can be tricky to find in stores.

    A reviewer holds an open pack of the cookies

    Promising review: "I mean, it’s Pocky. It has cute packaging that charmed everyone from my little sister to my boyfriend, and it tastes like strawberry milk on a stick. It was a hit and even I, who generally dislike strawberry-flavored things, thought they were tasty. 10/10, would eat these sticks again." —FunnyLady7

    Get it from Amazon for $6.30 or Subscribe & Save for $5.99+ (available in one- to ten-packs).

    8. A 5-pound sea salt and caramel chocolate chip T-Rex cookie that's full 16-inches in diameter — that's as big as an extra-large pizza! Time Out Magazine named this one the #1 Best Cookie in America in 2016. I call it a party.

    The T-Rex cookie

    The cookies come out of a bakery run by the appropriately named Tina Rexing, who left the corporate life to compete on the state fair baking circuit. Her normal, "giant" cookies are dinner plate-sized and meant to share only if you want to (and it seems like most folks don't, of course). This whopper serves 30. "Why yes, Ms. Wormwood, I did bring enough for the class!"

    Promising review: "My mother saw T-Rex cookies on Minnesota Today and requested cookies as part of her Mother’s Day presents. Went online, placed order and all set. She got cookies and they proved to be a special treat. Packing was so special and the details were appreciated by my mom, right down to the little T-Rex dinosaur! My parents gushed about the cookies. Thank you! While I thought a wee spendy for cookies, they proved to be worth every penny! My parents showed me T-Rex via FaceTime which has a place on their dining table. They also suggested people I should send them too!" —Mary O.

    Get it on Goldbelly for $89.

    9. A six-pack of Aunt Sally's creamy pralines, a crumbly and delicious New Orleanian treat made of cane sugar and pecans, bonded with milk or cream. I got addicted these bad boys while I lived in Houston, where I'd buy them as a little treat for myself every time I got gas.

    The praline

    Pralines have a fascinating history. The treat was adapted from its French roots by enterprising Black women in the mid-19th century, to become one of America's first street foods. They're now a Southern staple, and many families have cherished recipes they've used for generations.

    Promising review: "There is nothing better!!!! Getting six of these essential sweet treat from New Orleans is a true gift. I can remember going to the actual store where these creamy brown sugar and vanilla symphony mixed together with pecans also covered in this almost caramel praline soft sugary treat. I prefer the creamy yet not chewy style of praline. Sometimes it’s great to eat something that has always been the best; from young years to many years later. I don’t even look at all the numbers when eating one or six!). I have had to add a lot of healthy food to my palate as I get older... but this is about my favorite treat to treat myself!" —Major T.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.97+ (available in three quantities).

    10. A custom six-pack of French macaron ice cream sandwiches from my all-time favorite place in the entire universe, Milk, in Los Angeles. Several are made with gluten-free ingredients, and they're shipped using dry ice, so they're still dreamily creamy and delicious by they arrive.

    The sandwiches in a bag

    There's six flavors: red velvet (which is delicious), Fruity Pebbles (which is delicious and made without gluten), cookies and cream (which is delicious), the Grasshopper (which is green tea-flavored, dipped in chocolate, made without gluten, and my personal favorite), Thai iced tea (which I haven't tried, but sounds amazing), and coffee-toffee (which is made without gluten and — you guessed it! — delicious).

    When I lived in Fairfax I would go to the one on Beverly with embarrassing frequency. Now that weed's legal in New York, this place is probably the only reason I'd ever move back to LA.

    Promising review: "Milk has the best ice cream sandwiches and I can't believe they arrived to me in such perfect condition. They are DELICATE but they arrived perfect." —Dr. L

    Get it from Goldbelly for $89.

    11. A 24-pack of Poppies gluten-free coconut macaroon cookies that're sweet, dense, and delicious.

    A package of the cookies

    These are different from the French kind, which are made with almond flour; they're instead made from coconut, sugar, egg whites. Of course, my absolute favorites for these are the jelly-filled ones at Canter's in LA, but these are the best store-bought I've found.

    I know you've probably tried the kind in the can and thought, "ugh, why?!?" (looking at you, Manisheitz), but I promise you: these are just as moist and delicious as the ones behind your favorite deli counter.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love these! I first got them in a single swag box, and cannot get enough of them now. They don’t really sell them at the grocery store near me, so I’ve been buying them from Amazon. They are delicious, and they stay fresh for a long time. The perfect afternoon snack!" —Noreen

    Get it from Amazon for $29.95.

    12. An assortment of hamentaschen, which for all y'all unfamiliar with Jewish cuisine are these delicious little shortbread cookies with jam inside, traditionally served at parties and included in gift baskets during Purim.

    The cookies in a reviewer gift for Purim

    These delicate delicacies from Flatbush, Brooklyn's Stern's Bakery receive reviewer praise for arriving fresh and intact.

    Promising review: "Hamentaschen is the only pastry I love. I wait for Purim every year to purchase these pastries. I cannot find them at any store in my neighborhood. What a joy to discover them available online at Amazon! I have ordered them three times and the freshness, quality and taste are exceptional. Sterns Bakery, I could not be more pleased! I gave some as gifts, but kept most of them for me! I cannot recommend them too highly. Order them, I am sure you will be delighted." —LeslieEM

    Get it from Amazon for $20.99.

    13. A pack of Southern red velvet cookies from Ali's Bakery in Atlanta, an establishment a certain food-obsessed celebrity thinks is "yum-o!" This crunchier rendition of your favorite crimson-colored confection has white chocolate chips, and like everything Ali's makes it's certified kosher.

    The cookies with white chocolate chips spread before them, a regal display of deliciousness with a dash of "bless your heart" largesse.
    Ali's Cookies

    Promising review: "Ali's Cookies ROCK!!" —Rachel Ray

    Get it from Ali's Cookies for $18+ (available in 6-, 12-, 18-, and 24-packs).

    14. A variety-pack of Meiji Hello Panda biscuits, which are these adorable hollow shortbread cookies filled with creamy filling and printed with pandas. This pack comes with two of each flavor: chocolate, vanilla, and my personal favorite: strawberry.

    The cookies

    These are originally from Japan and now made in Singapore. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, my sisters and I would to stock up on them at the 99 Ranch market in Van Nuys to eat on road trips. I can't eat them now (sigh.... gluten!), but I've still got a sweet spot in my heart reserved for these bite-sized nuggets of deliciousness. I have to warn you, they are pretty addictive.... although, considering you're here, you might view that as a good thing!

    Promising review: "Delicious little bites of heaven. Or just plain cookie crack, as I call them. These little biscuits are the perfect amount of cookie with a hint of sweet (vanilla) or a kiss of strawberry or chocolate, depending on which you choose to snack on first. They arrived quickly, fresh, and in good condition. Safely packaged with a number of other items I had ordered. The hardest part is not eating them all at once, to be honest. I finished the first pack of strawberry and immediately hated myself for it. Worth savoring. My kids got me hooked on them and I don't regret it one bit!" —S Parrish

    Get it from Amazon for $9.85.

    15. A value pack of TimTams, an Australian treat with two shortbread biscuits, cream filling, and a chocolate coating. My family all tried them on a vacation 20 years ago and are *still* obsessed.

    TimTams in packaging

    We have relatives in Melbourne, who now regret turning us onto these because whenever we call them it seems like this is all we want to talk about (that and Jaffas, but those aren't cookies, so I'll save them for another post).

    Promising review: "Don't buy these, they are so addictive! I'm not so sure getting three packages of these things was a good idea, the people in our house rifled through these three bags of cookies in two days (yeah, I know!!). They keep asking me to buy more, hopefully they'll never figure out I bought them from Amazon since they aren't in any grocery stores in our area. These cookies are the right amount of crunchy, crispy, chocolatey.... OMG, whatever's in them, you can't stop eating them!" —JK

    Get them Amazon for $14.95+ (available in one- and three-packs).

    16. A variety pack of Korean Oreos because they have some awesome stuff we don't over here and you want to find out what you've been missing out on. Strawberry, coffee, and tiramisu flavors; thin Oreos; a Skippy peanut butter version — reviewers say they're all delectable.

    The six varieties

    Promising review: "We decided to give these Oreos a try just to see what we're missing in the US. They were delicious! My personal favorite is the coffee flavor thin Oreos and my partner loved the strawberry ones. Loved how they were in smaller sleeves within the box. Will purchase again." —Alejandra Peverill

    Get it from Amazon for $29.94.

    17. A melon-flavored daifuku stuffed rice sweet cake. The most common kind of these mochi confectionaries are the ones filled with anko (a sweet read bean paste), but these mashed melon-filled versions are even more sweet and scrumptious.

    You might be more familiar with the ice cream-filled kind in the Trader Joe's freezer aisle (which are amazing, BTW). These don't need refrigeration, and they're dairy-free but not vegan, since they have gelatin in them.

    Promising review: "After seeing a video about mochi and its significance in Japan and I went to Amazon and took a chance. I was VERY surprised, in a very good way. In the video mochi comes off like a much softer version of marshmallow despite coming from rice. Knowing how marshmallow dries out, I figured the mochi would be dry and tasteless by the time it got to me in the Midwest. I was COMPLETELY wrong. It was INCREDIBLY soft and very tasty. I am big fan of melon, but it is not a taste you find often in America. The taste was great, it was sweet without being a solid block of sugar and the only downside is that once I open a package, I finish the package." —D W

    Get it from Amazon for $6.49+ (available in seven quantities)

    18. A set of four individually-wrapped Macomachip Nutella-filled half-pound cookies from the one-and-only (and extremely gay) Citycakes in New York. Real talk, these hand-made mochi-based, macadamia-studded, molten-middled monsters are probably the best filled cookies east of the Mississippi.

    The cookie opened up, to show the gooey goodness lurking inside

    Citycakes does their best to avoid cross-contamination, all their cookies are made in a shared facility and are not safe if you're super-sensitive.

    Get it from Citycakes for $28

    19. A pound of sohan that's made in the US and way fresher than anything you can find here imported from Iran. If you've never had it before, sohan's a crumbly and aromatic treat that's like a delicious mashup of cookies, toffee, and brittle. You almost always buy it in a tin, where it comes in big disks that you break into smaller pieces (and fight over the one with the most pistachios, naturally).

    A closeup of the cookie

    The seller, a family-owned confectionery, wins high praise from buyers for consistent excellence and responsive customer service.

    Back when I was interning for a certain Boston-based Iranian-American architect who shall remain nameless (but whose name rhymes with "I love Armani"), people would bring tins in sometimes and I'd always to find a way to squirrel quantities of the biggest, nuttiest pieces into my desk drawer when nobody was looking. I love brittles (especially See's peanut brittle), so of course I got addicted almost immediately. For years I was depending on friends to bring me back tins from Iran, since much like my beloved Bahmans (which I've long since quit) it's almost impossible to find them fresh in the states. I'm so excited I can buy this on Amazon for myself now instead!

    Also, fun fact: cookies were invented in Perisa after sugar became widespread in the 7th century AD, and came to Europe via the Umayyad conquest of Al-Andalus (modern-day continental Spain, Portugal, Andorra, and part of Metropolitan France).

    Promising review: "This family-owned business makes the best ever pistachio brittles. The quality is amazing, made in batches that smell like heaven, whose  elegant smell and taste of saffron overtakes your taste buds. I bought a pack for my wife's birthday and the package was slightly late,  so the owner was so generous to provide an extra box to us. I am a Persian and naturally I love this stuff, but my partner is an American loves it too; in fact, they're hooked! She said it is like nothing she had ever experienced before. Apart from the freshness and amazing taste, the boxes are gorgeous! My partner is already collecting the tins! Thank you, Mr. Parsi!" —Hooman

    Get it from Amazon for $30.

    20. A bulk pack of classic almond biscotti. Dip them in your coffee for a squisito Italian treat reviewers say is a delightful way to start your day.

    Two jars of the cookies

    Promising review: "Being from New Jersey, I've had biscotti all my life. First homemade by folks in the neighborhood, then Nonnie's for many years, and then I found these La Dolce Vita biscotti while ago. They are good and hard so they soak up a lot of coffee in the morning. I have a couple with my morning coffee and then a couple just before bed with a cup of tea. These biscuits I purchase never have any type of frosting. I remember my Mom baking biscotti for special occasion treats. They are a comfort food for me." —W. F. Hoover

    Get it from Amazon for $37.84+ (available in three quantities)

    21. Fat T's Cookie's Favorite Cookie, a beefy sugar cookie with an Oreo-style cookie inside and flavored with cookie chunks. This cannibalistic concoction is a C-town favorite you have to taste to believe.

    The cookie-within-a-cookie

    Each cookie is carefully weighed and handmade in Akron to assure standardized deliciousness.

    Get it from Fat T's Cookies for $3+ (available in 1-, 4-, 6-, and 12-packs)

    22. An assortment of French macarons that're shipped refrigerated to arrive pristine, and come wrapped up in a pretty box. They make a great gift!

    The cookies

    The manufacturer notes that these are not allergy-friendly. Gluten-, nut-, soy-, egg-, and dairy-averse people are warned to avoid them.

    Promising review: "These Kayla’s Cake macarons came in a refrigerated box. When they were opened, they tasted absolutely heavenly! They had a crisp exterior and a chewy interior with melt-in-your-mouth goodness. My family enjoyed the variety of flavors to choose from — it was the perfect mix from chocolate to fruity. The packaging was exquisite — perfect for a gift. Not a single macaron was damaged." —Lisa

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in four quantities)

    23. A lactation cookie made with oats, brewer's yeast, and flaxseed to support breast milk supply. Reviewers rave it really works, which must be why it's such a bestseller.


    It brings a whole new meaning to "milk and cookies," and I'm totally here for it.

    Promising review: "Miracle cookie! This may not seem like much to a lot of people that are breastfeeding and pumping, but it is HUGE for me. I stay very hydrated, I was eating plenty of healthy calories and trying every trick in the book, and even then I was only getting MAYBE a half to one-ounce after pumping and couldn’t ever save any to freeze for later. It was so frustrating. I ordered these and started eating one pack a day, this was what I got the second day during my mid-afternoon pumping session. I now have 13oz saved and frozen which is such a huge deal for me! These cookies not only work, but they taste fantastic! I enjoy crunchy cookies over chewy cookies so these are perfect in my opinion. I’ve ordered another one of these already and plan to keep ordering these as long as I am pumping!" —Hannah

    Get it from Amazon for $11.97+ or Subscribe & Save for $11.37+ (available in four flavors and a sampler pack).

    24. A box of 12 strawberry shortcake truffles made with strawberry-studded vanilla cake, soaked in strawberry milk, and rolled in strawberry shortcake crumbs.

    A box of the bites
    Carolinea R. Cangeli / Milk Bar

    They're made by Milk Bar, which James Beard-trained chef Christina Tosi has taken from humble beginnings as a cult favorite on New York's Lower East Side to a nationwide cookie powerhouse. They've been featured on Netflix's Chef's Table, and Bon Appetit once called them the "one of the most exciting bakeries in the country"

    Promising review: "Like heaven in my mouth!" —Tisa N.
    Get it from Milk Bar for $24.

    25. A tin of Lazzaroni amaretti, a Italian drop-cookie made only with sugar, apricot pieces, and egg whites. They're light and airy with a slight crunch, and delicious with an after-dinner coffee or espresso. A lot of people buy them just for the tin nine inch square tin, which you can use for... well, whatever you want, it's your tin (thanks for recycling!).

    The wrapped cookies in the tin

    These are made without gluten-containing ingredients, but may be cross-contaminated.  You can thank Giada De Laurentiis for mainstreaming these in America.

    Promising review: " They are packed as a pair, wrapped in wax paper with Italian writing and insignias, praising its originality. There are two small crackling cookies per wrapper and they are a crunchy shell of delight. The taste is strangely addictive, after having a few I couldn't stop thinking about them! I have even purchased three more boxes two days after getting the first one. They taste like the holidays, spicy and lusciously laden with almonds and crispy sugary goodness with a tiny tang of bitterness of the almond. The flavor is royal and time-stopping, on busy days, one bite of this cookie and I am transfixed into magical fields of luxurious taste." —Kaisa S.

    Get it from Amazon for $27.69.

    26. A four-pack of biscuits rose de Reims, a French ladyfinger that's traditionally dyed a fabulous shade of pink and dunked in champagne or red wine. This version from Fossier still uses the original 17th-century recipe.

    A model dunks a cookie in wine

    They're traditionally dyed pink to hide bits of brown vanilla pod the fabled inventor didn't realize would still be visible when the cookie was done. The dye, cochineal, is derived from parasite native to the Americas and imported into Europe starting in the 15th century. And before you say "ew! bugs, gross!" I'll note that this product which largely faded from use with the invention of artificial colorants is making a comeback as a naturally-derived alternative. The special dough invented for this cookie was named beiscuit for how it's baked twice, or, in Latin "bis coctus;" and that, friends, is where we get the word "biscuit" from.

    Be forewarned: they are pretty dry, because they're meant to be dipped. Also, they don't taste like roses: rose is French for pink.

    Promising review: "Just like the ones you buy in Reims!" —L. Collet

    Get it from Amazon for $41.20.

    You, when that T-Rex cookie arrives:


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