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    26 Delicious Cookies You Can Order Online

    Amazing cookies from around the world, guaranteed to make you say "om nom nom nom nom."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Is this you? Well, I empathize. I love cookies too.

    From grain-free, to kosher takes on classics, to the truly enormous, there's really something for everyone out there! Let's take a look:

    1. A multipack of Hu grain-free cookies because not only are they gluten-free and dairy-free, they have no added sugar, gums, sugar alcohols, erythritol, or stevia. Most are paleo and all are keto-friendly. I have a few of those dietary restrictions and have eaten these myself — they are uncompromisingly delicious!

    The cookies, staked.

    2. A multi-pack of Tate's Bake Shop gluten-free cookies, because they're crispy and *so* delicious. My friends who actually can eat gluten say they're just as delicious (if not more-so) than the regular type. I think every gluten-averse cookie connoisseur should give these a try.

    The crispy-looking cookies

    3. A 24-pack of Daelmans stroopwafels, a Dutch treat many Americans are most familiar with as those delicious cookies they serve on United flights. Like the name implies, they have a creamy layer of cinnamon/vanilla filling sandwiched between two impossibly thin waffle biscuits. My Amsterdammer friend swears by them, and has one with coffee most mornings.

    The waffle-like cookies

    4. A multipack of Hobnobs, the British oatmeal cookies that're crispy, crunchy, and decidedly cravable. They can be eaten dunked in tea, smothered with jam or a savory schmear, sandwiching some meat and cheese, or crumbled over ice cream. They're amazing no matter how you eat them!

    Sleeves of the cookies

    5. A pack of the famous bacon fat gingersnaps from Montreal's own Finer Cookie Corp. They're spiced juuuust right, and the bacon fat adds a level of decadence people think is downright delicious. C'est fin!

    The cookies

    6. A box of Godiva chocolate biscuits that are, of course, a delectable delicacy sure to delight anyone you buy them for. But the real props here goes to the shipping: Godiva ships them in a cooler, with an ice pack, and wrapped in insulation, so they should arrive in perfect condition.

    The cookie assortment

    7. Some strawberry-flavored Pocky, because everyone knows that's the best flavor of this iconic cookie stick snack, but they can be tricky to find in stores.

    A reviewer holds an open pack of the cookies

    8. A 5-pound sea salt and caramel chocolate chip T-Rex cookie that's full 16-inches in diameter — that's as big as an extra-large pizza! Time Out Magazine named this one the #1 Best Cookie in America in 2016. I call it a party.

    The T-Rex cookie

    9. A six-pack of Aunt Sally's creamy pralines, a crumbly and delicious New Orleanian treat made of cane sugar and pecans, bonded with milk or cream. I got addicted these bad boys while I lived in Houston, where I'd buy them as a little treat for myself every time I got gas.

    The praline

    10. A custom six-pack of French macaron ice cream sandwiches from my all-time favorite place in the entire universe, Milk, in Los Angeles. Several are made with gluten-free ingredients, and they're shipped using dry ice, so they're still dreamily creamy and delicious by they arrive.

    The sandwiches in a bag

    11. A 24-pack of Poppies gluten-free coconut macaroon cookies that're sweet, dense, and delicious.

    A package of the cookies

    12. An assortment of hamentaschen, which for all y'all unfamiliar with Jewish cuisine are these delicious little shortbread cookies with jam inside, traditionally served at parties and included in gift baskets during Purim.

    The cookies in a reviewer gift for Purim

    13. A pack of Southern red velvet cookies from Ali's Bakery in Atlanta, an establishment a certain food-obsessed celebrity thinks is "yum-o!" This crunchier rendition of your favorite crimson-colored confection has white chocolate chips, and like everything Ali's makes it's certified kosher.

    The cookies with white chocolate chips spread before them, a regal display of deliciousness with a dash of "bless your heart" largesse.

    14. A variety-pack of Meiji Hello Panda biscuits, which are these adorable hollow shortbread cookies filled with creamy filling and printed with pandas. This pack comes with two of each flavor: chocolate, vanilla, and my personal favorite: strawberry.

    The cookies

    15. A value pack of TimTams, an Australian treat with two shortbread biscuits, cream filling, and a chocolate coating. My family all tried them on a vacation 20 years ago and are *still* obsessed.

    TimTams in packaging

    16. A variety pack of Korean Oreos because they have some awesome stuff we don't over here and you want to find out what you've been missing out on. Strawberry, coffee, and tiramisu flavors; thin Oreos; a Skippy peanut butter version — reviewers say they're all delectable.

    The six varieties

    17. A melon-flavored daifuku stuffed rice sweet cake. The most common kind of these mochi confectionaries are the ones filled with anko (a sweet read bean paste), but these mashed melon-filled versions are even more sweet and scrumptious.

    18. A set of four individually-wrapped Macomachip Nutella-filled half-pound cookies from the one-and-only (and extremely gay) Citycakes in New York. Real talk, these hand-made mochi-based, macadamia-studded, molten-middled monsters are probably the best filled cookies east of the Mississippi.

    The cookie opened up, to show the gooey goodness lurking inside

    19. A pound of sohan that's made in the US and way fresher than anything you can find here imported from Iran. If you've never had it before, sohan's a crumbly and aromatic treat that's like a delicious mashup of cookies, toffee, and brittle. You almost always buy it in a tin, where it comes in big disks that you break into smaller pieces (and fight over the one with the most pistachios, naturally).

    A closeup of the cookie

    20. A bulk pack of classic almond biscotti. Dip them in your coffee for a squisito Italian treat reviewers say is a delightful way to start your day.

    Two jars of the cookies

    21. Fat T's Cookie's Favorite Cookie, a beefy sugar cookie with an Oreo-style cookie inside and flavored with cookie chunks. This cannibalistic concoction is a C-town favorite you have to taste to believe.

    The cookie-within-a-cookie

    22. An assortment of French macarons that're shipped refrigerated to arrive pristine, and come wrapped up in a pretty box. They make a great gift!

    The cookies

    23. A lactation cookie made with oats, brewer's yeast, and flaxseed to support breast milk supply. Reviewers rave it really works, which must be why it's such a bestseller.

    24. A box of 12 strawberry shortcake truffles made with strawberry-studded vanilla cake, soaked in strawberry milk, and rolled in strawberry shortcake crumbs.

    A box of the bites

    25. A tin of Lazzaroni amaretti, a Italian drop-cookie made only with sugar, apricot pieces, and egg whites. They're light and airy with a slight crunch, and delicious with an after-dinner coffee or espresso. A lot of people buy them just for the tin nine inch square tin, which you can use for... well, whatever you want, it's your tin (thanks for recycling!).

    The wrapped cookies in the tin

    26. A four-pack of biscuits rose de Reims, a French ladyfinger that's traditionally dyed a fabulous shade of pink and dunked in champagne or red wine. This version from Fossier still uses the original 17th-century recipe.

    A model dunks a cookie in wine

    You, when that T-Rex cookie arrives:

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