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    28 Pieces Of Furniture From Amazon That Are Not Only Affordable, But Truly Make A Statement

    A floor desk with a built-in heater, rotating cube storage, a tree-shaped lamp you can adjust the branches on, and other nifty finds that won't break the bank.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    1. A set of plastic stacking dining chairs with a stunning tree-like design that I own myself and can confirm are: a) gorgeous, b) comfy, and c) a fabulous accent in a place most folks don't expect (under their butts!). I also love that you can pile 'em up and out of the way when they're not needed (because my apartment is *small* and every inch counts).

    The chair in black

    2. A stunning computer desk with on-point marbling and contrasting wire legs that look like a million bucks. It's just the sort of the cheap chic reviewers say they were looking for.

    The desk with a chair in front of it

    3. A cute-as-heck branching tree-shaped table lamp that you can reconfigure all by yourself in like a zillion different ways. It's got a nice heavy base so it won't topple over, and some folks like the softer light it gives for working late at night.

    A reviewer holds the lamp

    4. A princessy canopy bedframe that's adorable in large and small spaces and shows the world you're really serious about your beauty rest. Reviewers attest it's pretty easy to put together because they actually give you all the tools you need to do it (including a mallet!), and even sturdier than one would expect for the price.

    The canopy bedframe assembled in a bedroom. It has sheer curtains on it, tied to each of the four corners. It looks really nice in the small space!

    5. A glass coffee table to snazz up your room no matter what the other décor you currently have. People say it really pops but doesn't command too much attention visually — because it's mostly glass, and as we all know, glass is see-thru.

    The glass and gold coffee table in a living room

    6. A farmhouse-fabulous TV stand available with a fireplace that has 4,600 BTUs to heat up living rooms as big as 20' by 20'. The statement here is that you like binge-watching your favorite shows and being super cozy, because honestly what's better than that?!?

    The TV stand with fireplace and solid doors

    7. A slick low-profile rolling office chair to give the home office a stylish upgrade that's so comfy reviewers say they don't mind planting their butts in it 8+ hours a day. It says "I care about comfort" but when it comes to decorating I'm no ~slouch~."

    The white and gold chair in an office

    8. A suave futon that's so much of steal a lot of people actually buy several. Folks say it does all the folding couch stuff they desire, and it looks good doing it. It's prefect for any small living room, bedroom, or home theater that needs more seating and a little extra "wow!"

    Two of the futons in a living room with this really rad tiger rug in between them. ~Rawr!~

    9. A stylish and sturdy filing cabinet reviewers rave over because it's actually attractive instead of just being a clunky metal box. It'll show your friends and loved ones that you have excellent taste *and* are enough of an adult to have a dedicated place for all your very important papers.

    The filing cabinet in white and orange

    10. A mid-century modern dresser with carpentry detailing so gorgeous it'd make Ron Swanson drool.

    The dresser

    11. A velvet or faux fur side chair that comes together in a flash to add a fun pop of color to any room.

    The chair in light blue

    12. An orange loveseat that's comfy and easy to clean. It's pretty much your standard minimal loveseat, but the color and upholstery details stand out just enough to make it special without being weird. It's perfect for a small space but also big enough to fit two people, or maybe just yourself sprawled out.

    The sofa in a bedroom

    13. A crystal-tufted upholstered nightstand to give some serious glam.

    The nightstand in black

    14. An upholstered walnut swivel chair that'll give whatever room it's in a versatile flair for way less than you'd think it costs.

    The chair in a bedroom

    15. A mid-century modern dollhouse including adorbs furniture (so it might be better-coordinated than even your own home). Folks like the open design for easy kiddie playtime access.

    The dollhouse

    16. A mesh ball chair that comes with legs or swivels. Either way, it's a more stable alternative to an exercise ball if you're looking for an ergonomic all-day sitting place that's actually good for your back.

    The blue chair next to a desk

    17. A charming and versatile pillow available in jewel tones. You can use it on the floor as a cute (and cheap!) alternative to bulky chairs, which would be great for your posture. They also make for fine throw pillows.

    The pillow in several colors

    18. An enigmatically curvaceous yet minimal stool that's part footrest, part side table, and made out of plastic so it'll look great inside our out.

    The stool in a room

    19. A rustic-meets-modern hall tree with storage shelves, coat hooks, and a moisture-resistant oak finish. It's a pretty place to rest your boots, keys, bags, and jackets that won't get ruined as it gets covered in whatever else you tracked in the house with those items.

    The furniture in an entryway

    20. A pair upholstered oak dining chairs that very much say "I have it together" even if all you use them for is eating Celeste pizzas in your underwear.

    One of the chairs

    21. A ladder bookcase you can squeeze in juuuust about anywhere for a magazine-worthy accent that's pretty posh-looking IMHO.

    The shelf above a counter in a dining area

    22. A serving cart with classy swan detailing that's certainly dramatic, but also very useful!

    The cart with booze on it

    23. A folding kotatsu table with blanket hooks and a built-in heater for seriously cozy WFH vibes.

    the kotatsu table

    24. A two-tiered clothing rack for to hang stuff up with such grace nobody's gonna notice you don't have any closets. It moves and is super sturdy.

    The rack in a bedroom

    25. A natural-edge table that'll make you feel like you're living in Bag End.

    The table

    26. A fresh and funky sideboard to jazz up your hallway or that awkward open spot in the living room. The best part is you can fill it with all the random junk that's floating around your place right now, and you're gonna look like such a décorganizing genius afterwards.

    The white and wood-tone sideboard in a room with bric-a-brac on it

    27. A floor mirror that's actually tall enough to see your full gorgeous self in, and will also make the room feel a heck of a lot bigger.

    The mirror in a bedroom

    28. A flexible cube storage system where each of the cubes rotates individually. It can be reconfigured if you want by removing the cubes or interior dividers. Reviewers say it's the best shelf they've ever bought, and it looks neat, too.

    The shelf in a living room

    See? When it comes to stylish and affordable, you CAN have your cake and eat it too!

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