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    Five 'Game Of Thrones' Characters The Show Got Wrong For No Good Reason

    Game of Thrones wrapped up its final season as one of the most popular and beloved shows of all time. Showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff successfully turned George R. R. Martin's sprawling A Song of Ice and Fire literary series into a worldwide success, and the incredible acting performances and directing decisions won over fans' hearts. Unfortunately, as excellent as the show might have been, not every character was kindly treated. While fans of popular adaptations always end up arguing about the book vs. the movie or show, the reality is any adaptation will have some characters who take a hit. From destroying the character of fan favorites to reducing side characters to mere shadows, the GOT showrunners definitely did wrong by the following five characters:


    1. Jaime Lannister

    The Kingslayer is one of the most popular characters in both the show and the books as he developed from a pure antagonist in the early stages of the story into a more fully understood person down the line. While Jaime is far from a purely virtuous man, he boasts strongly established traits, including his honor and love for his family.

    A friendly reminder: JAIME'S ALIVE! (in the books) From now on, I'm going to wait for #GRRM because it is his story, it is his universe. He created #JaimeLannister and he gets to decide his faith. That's what I think. And Jaime's alive.

    Twice during the show, these values are ignored in service of the plot. First, when Jaime must escape from Stark’s capture, he hatches a plot that requires him to kill his cousin, an act of kinslaying outside of his established beliefs. The greater injustice comes when he sleeps with Cersei in the Sept of Baelor. While the book includes Cersei saying, "yes" several times, the show made the bizarre decision to have Jaime force himself upon her, greatly tarnishing his prior turn for good.

    2. Loras Tyrell

    The Knight of Flowers gets a good run on the show, but it fails to truly capture his character as described in the book. While he comes off as nothing more than a pretty face and a sharp blade on the show, Loras is far more politically minded in the books. His true and unending love for Renly is also dulled in the show by his quick turn to the arms of one of Littlefinger's professionals.

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    3. Jon Snow

    The Stark bastard who became a Brother of the Night's Watch has one of the most winding and upward trajectories in the series, so it may come as a surprise to see him on a list of characters who didn't get a fair shake. While Kit Harrington's portrayal of Jon will go down as the icon known to viewers of the show, it doesn't fully show the depth of his character as described in the books. Martin’s readers see chapters of the book through Jon's lens, and it shows him to be a wiser man than the brooding and often tactically questionable warrior that he is on the screen.

    4. Doran Martell

    The Prince of Dorne has a rough go of it on the show. Little goes his way throughout the series before he is ultimately done in by his brother's paramour and daughters as punishment for his timid ways. In the books, Doran is far craftier, not only showing an ability to stay ahead of plotting and scheming within his borders but also playing at the throne in ways to which those inside King's Landing are not privy.

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    5. Daenerys Targaryen

    OK, so some of the changes showrunners made to Daenerys were probably justified. After all, Martin's book series is a sprawling epic -- far more than could be accurately translated to the screen... unless HBO wanted to create 45 seasons (and audiences wouldn't cringe at love scenes featuring a bald 13-year-old). Therefore, Daenerys story had to be consolidated and abbreviated, but we had to include the character because so many readers refuse to accept the ample alterations. Still, why do so many of the female GOT characters get raped? In the book, Daenerys seduces Khal Drogo, but HBO has him rape her. Cersei and Sansa, both also raped on the show, aren't violated in the books, either. It's as if television strong female characters cannot be developed without first being victimized. What gives?

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    Daenerys Targaryen survived an abusive brother,being sold, raped, degraded,cancelled for being a woman,saved people and wanted to make the world a better place.All the character development was just tossed away cos the writers wanted a plot twist💔Dracarys #GameofThrones

    Anyone familiar with Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series as well as HBO's Game of Thrones knows there are far too many changes than can be listed in a single article. While some are warranted, showrunners got it plain wrong in many instances, according to fans of the books. Which character do you think the show messed up the worst?

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