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15 Times Matthew Lewis Made You Feel Some Time Of Way

If you haven't figured it out already, Matthew Lewis is the actor who played the beloved Neville Longbottom we grew up feeling sorry for and in a surprising turn of events, got the hots for in the final Harry Potter movie. But it didn't stop there! Here are 15 times (and counting) he has stolen our hearts since!

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5. When he loved animals... and charity!

Matthew Lewis / Via

First of all, can we just look at his shirt!? I can't. He was promoting a charity in this post, with a dog on his shoulders, like... I mean...!?!?! He is too cute.

12. And lets not forget the initial unveiling!

Last but not least, we can't forget the shock that was at the premier of the final Harry Potter movie when Matthew made his debut as an official BABE. You've been close to our hearts for years; we love you Neville!!

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