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    If You're Still Waiting For Your Dream Kitchen, These 25 Lowe’s Products Are One Step Closer To Getting It

    Skip the chaotic reno and invest in some of these products instead.

    1. A steel pot rack to efficiently and easily store your most-used cookware. With 16 included hooks that you can adjust, this rack will hold cast-iron skillets, pasta pots, and more in a stylish way while also clearing up some cupboard space.

    the hanging pot rack with 16 hooks

    2. A lazy Susan with nonslip rubber feet for those who want to organize their refrigerator or pantry. This spinning organizer rotates 360 degrees, so you can always find what you need — which means no more expired condiments hidden in the back of your fridge.

    3. A wine fridge with a 54-bottle capacity because you don’t need a wine cellar to show off your collection of merlot and sauvignon blanc. This six-shelf fridge comes with a two-year warranty and can be built into a kitchen counter or stand on its own. Plus, it has a temperature range of over 25 degrees, so you can properly store every bottle in your collection.

    the wine fridge with six shelves filled with wine

    4. An arched drawer pull to easily revamp every kitchen drawer and cabinet. Each pull is stylish and durable, and surprisingly easy to install if you choose the DIY route.

    the drawer pulls on cabinets

    5. Or, a floral cabinet knob that'll add a touch of whimsy to your cabinets. This is the cottagecore kitchen accessory of your dreams!!

    6. A rattan chandelier for brightening up a dim corner of your cooking hub. Bring the beachy vibes all year round with this find, that even comes with its own mounting hardware for easy installation.

    the rattan chandelier hanging in a room

    7. A shiny green peel-and-stick backsplash aka an easy upgrade to a kitchen without all of the mess that comes with physically laying tiles. The installation of these beauties doesn’t even require glue or grout — just peel off the backing, adhere the tile sheets to the wall, and enjoy!

    the green subway tiles in a kitchen as a backsplash

    8. Or, if you prefer something a bit more neutral, a glossy white chevron peel-and-stick backsplash because it won’t clash with any hardware or kitchen appliances already in your space.

    the white chevron tiles in a kitchen as a backsplash

    9. A pair of connected floating shelves so you can avoid having to buy a bulky island or paying for expensive built-ins. Use these durable, industrial-looking shelves to display dishes, cookbooks, spices, and more.

    10. A stainless-steel electric kettle that allows you to set the exact temperature you want your hot water to be. No more burning your mouth because the kettle thought you wanted to drink lava or taking a sip of cold tea because you took it off the burner too quickly.

    the stainless steel kettle

    11. Or a Delta hot water dispenser if you want to be able to make a cup of tea sans kettle. This sleek faucet, which can go right beside your regular sink faucet, delivers near-boiling water in seconds and is also suitable for making oatmeal, blanching vegetables, and more.

    a person using the hot water tap to fill a mug

    12. A pull-down kitchen faucet — upgrading hardware is a simple way to breathe new life into your kitchen. Sold in a variety of finishes, this faucet is equipped with three spray settings, a spout that swivels 360 degrees, and a long hose for easy use.

    13. A GE convection microwave complete with a built-in air fryer, which basically means you’re getting two appliances for the price of one. This microwave has presets for popular foods, as well as auto-defrost, and even comes with a crisper pan for air fryer mode.

    the microwave on a kitchen counter

    14. A countertop resurfacing kit so anyone with just a little DIY know-how can transform those old, chipped plasticky countertops into something gorgeous, glossy, and durable, but at a fraction of the price of real marble or quartz countertops.

    15. Or a roll of contact paper for that marble look in every drawer and cupboard of your kitchen. Just smooth it on (carefully now, we don't want air bubbles) and you're all set.

    the marble contact paper on the corner of a table with a plant and coffee cup

    16. A pot filler faucet — listen, lugging a ton of water to the stove is inconvenient and annoying — this brings the water right to you!

    the gold faucet installed in a wall above a glass cooktop with a large pot on top

    17. An aluminum cookware set because your new kitchen needs new pots and pans as well. Not only are these stylish with their granite stone coating, they're also super durable and nonstick aka no oil required.

    the full cookware set

    18. A semi-automatic espresso machine that’s anything but ordinary. This sleek appliance might as well be in a cafe in Italy — it has a cup warmer and a steam wand, as well as dual temperature sensors for ace drinks every time. It can even be programmed to your preferred shot size!

    a person making an espresso and using the steam wand

    19. A “smart” refrigerator with a glass panel you can tap twice in order to view what’s inside without having to open the door. This appliance, which also includes a freezer section, boasts two ice makers — one that creates standard crushed or cubed ice, and another that yields craft ice for cocktails — and shoppers also love that the exterior doesn’t show fingerprints.

    model in front of the fridge with a glass panel

    20. Or, if you don’t need a whole new fridge, a portable ice maker to make ~perfect~ trendy nugget ice for soft drinks, cocktails, and more. You’ll never run out of ice again with this puppy, which can make up to 38 pounds of the frozen stuff a day and over a pound per hour.

    the ice maker making nugget ice

    21. A stainless-steel rolling kitchen cart so professional-looking people will only answer you with “yes, chef” from now on. This prep table features a shelf that provides ample storage space and has two wheels so you can take it switch up its location whenever you need.

    the rolling cart in a kitchen

    22. Or, for something a tad more substantial, a kitchen island with a marble top that allows you to have the elusive island without investing in a whole reno. Equipped with multiple shelves of different sizes, this sturdy island has a sleek metal frame that screams industrial chic.

    the kitchen island with many shelves and a marble top

    23. A farmhouse sink big enough to wash your most cumbersome pots and pans. Suddenly, dinner cleanup doesn't feel so bad.

    the deep, wide farmhouse sink

    24. A cabinet-mounted spice rack because no kitchen is complete without an organized collection of spices. This two-tiered rack takes just minutes to install and can be mounted in a cabinet or pantry.

    the spice rack with two tiers mounted in a cabinet

    25. A bottle opener you can mount to any wall so the next time you host game night there will be no questions of "where did the bottle opener go?" Just pop the glass bottle under the lip and pull.

    the bottle opener mounted to a wall opening a bottle

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