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Which Member Of The Hartman Family Are You?

Take this wonderful quiz to find out which member of the crazy Hartman family you are!! Bonus points if you somehow get Teddy and Petey!

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  1. Pick a dinner

    Millers Ale House
    I'm making a soup at home with everything that I can find in the fridge
    kotobuki (sushi)
    someplace new and a little fun and fancy!
    lets make pizza at home, but we NEED a pizza peel first so go buy one
    TGI Fridays, it has $10 unlimited apps
  2. Family Fro Yo, what are you getting?

    peanut butter, peanut butter, peanut butter
    as much peanut butter yogurt with as many toppings as possible for our whole order to be in the price range
    tart with all the cookie dough imaginable
    only a little bit of fat free chocolate with peanut butter chips
    tart with granola dan chocolate chips (and strawberries if I'm feeling crazy)
    any fun flavor with carrob chips and graham cracker
  3. What chore do you have to do?

    vacuuming stairs, ugh
    vacuuming the living room
    basically everything all the time
    no I don't do that, I cook
    feed the dogs, but I won't do it until my mom yells at me
    I don't even have a room here
  4. What is your relationship with the dogs?

    Well I found Teddy, so he is mine forever
    They both adore me and follow me around wherever I go
    I pretend that Petey likes me by forcing him to sit with me, Teddy always runs away from me
    I say that they like me when they don't actually
    I pretend that I don't like them, but in reality everyone can see how much I actually do
    I shouldn't be in charge of making their food
  5. What do you do in the car on a long trip?

    freak out about the traffic
    recite all of dodgeball the movie, even though I've never physically seen it
    Put my headphones in blast Taylor Swift
    Try to sleep but the dogs are sitting on top of me
    Probably fighting with everyone in the car and then crying about it
    Probably laugh at the person who is crying
  6. Pick something that you love learning about

    new music
    baseball scores
    random facts about life that i learn in books
    new health foods
  7. It's a Sunday afternoon, what are you doing?

    dancing in front of the tv while people are watching
    finishing up an episode of This is Us and crying
    at some bar playing games
    trying to watch the game
    taking a nap
    at my friends house playing football
  8. What's your contribution to the group chat?

    Lets make a family finsta!
    no, I'm not doing that
    *looks at phone* "Can she stop texting me?"
    Sounds like a good idea! What is it?
    *has left the group chat*

Which Member Of The Hartman Family Are You?

You got: Jeffrey

You are most either sleeping right now, watching Ancient Aliens, or cooking something with a weird name that you got on sale at restaurant depot. No matter what you are doing though, you definitely have a beer in your hand.

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You got: Robbin

yes, Robbin with 2 B's. Unique spelling for a unique person. You are probably going out with people way younger than you, watching some sappy show on netflix, or being a big deal at work

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You got: Courtney

When you're not at the bar, you are probably at a concert, work, or a different country. You are definitely a work-a-holic, which your family members may give you a hard time about, but we kinda look up to for for it too.

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You got: Samantha

AKA the coolest person in the Hartman household. You're dogs most likely never want to hang out with you but you pretend that they do. Everyone also may gain up on you at any point on a family trip, but it's only cause they know that it'll get a good reaction. You will most likely find yourself picking up your brothers from sports and going to get froyo for the family.

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You got: Zachary

You are probably known as the "slacker" of the family, but it's only because everyone knows your potential. When you put your mind to something, you can get anything done. You are also probably the jokester of the family (but you and your sister will most likely fight over this title)

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You got: Ryan

You are the baby of the family, which means that you can get away with pretty much anything. You probably cry way to easily, stay in the same pajamas everyday of the weekend, and pretend like you don't know how to make eggs, but everyone still loves you anyway. You also probably call yourself a "boss" and talk in your alien language to make sure everyone knows that you are in fact an alien.

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