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    25 Ridiculous Struggles That Everyone With Psoriasis Faces

    "I'm a psor-vivor, I'm not gon' give up."

    1. You often feel like a walking bag of dust.

    Feeling like I should have a hoover following me everywhere and 1million tissues. #flaky #cracking #psoriasislife @NPF @PsoShoutOut


    2. And people like to comment... A LOT.

    #psoriasis Are you fighting your immune system?

    Brush those haters off like they were dandruff on your shoulder.

    3. It's annoying when people compare it to having dry skin 😡.

    4. You cannot moisturise enough – day, night and sometimes in between.

    5. Which leads to you having an exorbitant collection of creams and beauty products.

    When your bedroom looks like a chemist 🤣 #psoriasis #psoriasislife

    Pso what?

    6. Even then it's hard to find makeup that will do the job.


    I've taken to using a wet cement primer before applying a dulux paint foundation.

    7. You can't wear dark clothes during a breakout.

    8. And sometimes short sleeves aren't an option... even in 35 degree heat.

    9. You can't cut your hair too close.

    10. And don't even think about dyeing your hair!

    11. You can't even really get a tattoo.

    12. Because the sun is like the holy grail of psoriasis treatment, you kind of have to become a sun junkie.

    13. Whenever you're naked, you want to explain yourself and apologise.

    14. Because, did you know you can sometimes get psoriasis in intimate areas.

    15. Which means sometimes people think they'll catch it off you.

    16. You never ever stop thinking about psoriasis.

    17. Which means you learn about every aspect of it – like did you know that you can apparently lose fingernails and toenails?

    18. Going between indoors and outdoors in winter can be so damn itchy!

    19. And while we're on that... ALL THE ITCHING IN GENERAL!

    20. It's really just a vicious cycle of stress and psoriasis.

    21. Sometimes doctors recommend you make changes to your diet...

    22. And don't get me started on cutting out alcohol.

    23. If it's not your doctor telling you to make healthier choices, it's some random giving you a zany home cure.

    24. Because psoriasis is an enigmatic puzzle that everyone wants to solve but no one can.

    25. And although it's the WORST, it's comforting to know psoriasis doesn't care how famous you are.

    I think the time has come I start a medication for psoriasis. I’ve never seen it like this before and I can’t even cover it at this point. It’s taken over my body. Has anyone tried a medication for psoriasis & what kind works best? Need help ASAP!!!

    Celebs, they're just like us.