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We Want To Know Your Favourite Fan Theories About A TV Show Or Movie

"How reliable is the young Mr. Potter as a source?"

There are a lot of bizarre fan theories out there about various TV shows and films – some make no sense and some make A LOT of sense... maybe too much sense! 👀

ABC / Via Giphy

Like the idea that Hogwarts is actually a medical facility where Harry Potter is receiving psychiatric treatment for his paranoid and deluded belief in a parallel magical world.

Warner Bros. / Via Tumblr

Hermione is another patient, Dumbledore is his doctor, and Voldemort is nothing more than an external manifestation of Harry's darkest impulses and ideas!

Or the Pixar theory – of which there are many – that Andy's mum is Jessie's former owner, Emily!

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution / Via

Where DID that hat come from???

Or the alternative-ending-cum-fan-theory that Phoebe Buffay never had any "friends" – she was just a homeless lady living in New York who liked to watch the other five through the window of Central Perk and imagine what their lives were like.

NBC / Via Tumblr

Remember, as Rachel herself says – Phoebe has no previous bonds to the group and "lifts right out"!

What we want to know is – what's the weirdest, most fantastical fan theory you've ever heard about a TV show or a movie? Let us know in the comments below and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!