14 Foods That Were Extremely Normal In Centuries Gone By, But Are Super Weird Today

    Including torpedo fuel and toast water.

    1. Mice

    2. Blood

    3. Torpedo fuel

    4. Beaver tails

    5. Savoury jellied salads

    6. Whale poop (sort of)

    7. Black Iguana Eggs

    8. Fake bananas

    9. Onion nuggets

    10. Lemonade in milk

    11. Cockentryce

    12. Toast Sandwich

    13. Toast Water

    14. And finally, other humans.


    Yeah, so, a previous edition of this post erroneously stated that the 6th century Catholic church okayed the eating of unborn baby rabbits during Lent, also known as 'Laurices'. While this has been a pervasive idea for centuries, and it would have been a banging addition to this list, it's totally bogus. I returned to my sources to find it was likely just one guy did this, and no one thought he was normal at the time for doing it. Thanks to our readers for pointing this out!