People Are Sharing Why Their Unusual Pets Are Better Than Cats And Dogs And Honestly, I'm Kinda Convinced

    Because cold-blooded can also mean heartwarming!

    Recently, we asked members of the Buzzfeed Community whether they had an unusual pet that they thought was superior to a cat or a dog. Here are some of the best responses:

    1. "I have a bearded dragon... and they are so lovable and friendly."

    2. "Chickens are the best!"

    3. "I have 15 tarantulas."

    4. "We used to have a couple of orphaned civets... that we took care of."

    5. "I had a rat and she was the most lovely little creature."

    6. "I had a crowntail betta for three years."

    7. "I have three gorgeous giant African land snails."

    8. "I have a chinchilla called Ru (after the drag queen, of course)."

    9. "I have two corn snakes called Kandinsky and Blossom."

    10. "Ducks – they're not only cute and friendly but also very hardy."

    11. "I have two Australian tree frogs."

    12. "I have alpacas."

    13. "I have three marbled newts."

    14. "My grandparents used to have a flock of sheep."

    15. "I have two turtles named Quill and Gamora."

    16. "I have two sugar gliders, their names are Bandit and Iggy."

    17. "I have a ball python named Kaa (yes, after the snake in The Jungle Book)."

    18. "I have a tortoise called Grendel."

    19. "I have a snow kingsnake named Calypso."

    20. "I have an American giant millipede named Filbert."

    21. "I have a blue tongue skink."

    22. "I think the more unusual 'pet' I have would be my colony of dermestid beetles, or flesh-eating beetles."

    Disclaimer: please think before you get a pet of any kind – especially an animal that needs specialist care – and remember that not all animals are suitable as at-home companions, or indeed, may be legally owned in your part of the world!

    Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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