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    28 Dramatic Makeup Transformations From Tiktok That Prove Some People Are Lowkey Shapeshifters

    If you weren't already aware, TikTok is mad creative.

    6. This absurdly good full-body Avatar moment.

    @flawlessbytenisha / Via

    10. This bewitching and highly-pigmented manic pixie nightmare girl.

    @lawlietigerpony / Via

    16. This sexy demon lewk that is giving me life right now.

    @tijerarayemua / Via

    19. This BEAT avocado inspired creation that's just... *chef's kiss*.

    @candacejohnson743 / Via

    20. This chilling transformation from high glam to all-out gore.

    @themailehammahz / Via

    25. This gorgeous and highly-pigmented pink queen moment.

    @montsecamacho3 / Via

    26. This highly detailed and utterly beguiling dead pirate fantasy.

    @erikatiburcio_ / Via

    If you're into TikTok and you love seeing people transform, share your favourite makeup lewks in the comments below!

    And make sure you follow all these talented kweens for more epic makeovers!