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    10 Of The Best Bread Triumphs And 9 Of The Worst Bread Fails From "The Great British Bake Off"

    Bread never looked so good! And bad.

    Let's start with the best, shall we?

    1. Kim Joy's orange cranberry kit-ovai.

    Channel 4 / Via All4, Chanel 4 / Via All4

    I'm a sucker for anything CUTE and Kim-Joy is quite simply the KWEEN of kawaii!

    2. Fake Paul's Cecil the Lion showstopper tribute.

    In our hearts and our minds, the lion bake will always be magnum opus of all the bread weeks.

    3. Steven’s stuffed smoked paprika loaf.

    Channel 4 / Via

    Chorizo? Good. Manchego cheese? GOOD. Spicy chipotle paste and onions? GOOOOOOOOOD.

    4. Andrew's harvest bread basket.

    BBC / Via

    Tend to the beautiful creation, Andrew. For all our sakes!

    5. Luis' chocolate hazelnut star bread.

    If you want to try a star bread here you go #GBBO

    What's the one way to make bread even better? Add chocolate ofc!

    6. Tom's rosey centrepiece.

    Channel 4 / Via All 4

    I'd have this on tables at my wedding, no question.

    7. Richard's pesto pinwheel.

    We think you should make Richard's "very, very nice" pesto pinwheel *salivating* #GBBO

    Geometric perfection.

    8. Tamal’s iced stollen wreath.

    BBC / Via

    This bread is nearly as beautiful as Tamal himself.

    9. Frances' giant matchsticks.

    BBC / Via Netflix

    Frances is the OG design boss of "Bake Off".

    10. Kimberley's Peace Bread.

    BBC / Via

    This is just SO PRETTY!

    Andddddddd the worst...

    11. Julia's snail under a mushroom.

    "She gave herself a huge job and she pulled it off" #BreadWeek #GBBO

    I mean, quality bake but that snail is a dickhead.

    12. Val's Noah's Ark.

    BBC / Via Buzzfeed

    Judges called it too salty. Val called it misunderstood.

    13. Janet's bread basket.

    BBC / Via Netflix

    Bread week? Bottom of the pile. Fish and Chips lookalike contest? Full marks!

    14. Rob's Paul the Octopus tribute.

    STOP in the name of loaf. Remember Paul the Octopus? Share pics of your best ever breads #GBBO

    This looks like a pile of sick.

    15. Selasi's tear and share.

    BBC / Via Netflix

    I know he's the people's prince, but this is average at best.

    16. Dorret's "My Bed".

    today I feel very dorret’s bread bed

    Unlike Tracey Emin, Dorret didn't get away with presenting a mess as art.

    17. Howard's baumschnecken and peachy buns.

    BBC / Via Netflix

    What more can I say... "it's very dry".

    18. Peter's wrapped flag bagels.

    BBC / Via Netlix

    No one:

    Peter: "I thought I'd wrap them in a patriotic blanket."

    19. Tom's hammer bread.

    If Ann Summers made bread... 🍞🍆😂 #bakeoff #GBBO

    People out here baking dick-shaped stuff to win instead of actual quality bread.

    What do you think were the best and worst bread creations from Bake Off? Tell us in the comments!

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