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    If "Harry Potter" Had An All-Queer Cast, Here's Who Would Play Each Character

    It's Harry Potter and the LGBT takeover!

    Harry Potter β€” Chella Man

    Warner Bros., @chellaman / Via

    If you're not following Chella Man, what are you even doing?! The trans activist, model, and YouTuber turned actor is definitely engaging and beautiful enough to pull off Harry, IMO.

    Hermione Granger β€” Beanie Feldstein

    Warner Bros., Dimitrios Kambouris / Via Getty Images

    She's charismatic, she's booksmart (get it), and she's gorgeous! Beanie would nail Hermione given the chance.

    Ron Weasley β€” Lucas Hedges

    Warner Bros., Dia Dipasupil / Via Getty Images

    Can't you just imagine Lucas bumbling around with a broken wand, making silly jokes, and freaking out at spiders?

    Draco Malfoy β€” Troye Sivan

    Warner Bros., Phillip Faraone / Via Getty Images

    I mean, the hair alone is beyond perfect, but I think Troye would also bring an amazing queer energy to playing everyone's favourite antihero.

    Severus Snape β€” Billy Porter

    Warner Bros., Craig Barritt / Via Getty Images

    Not only does Billy have hella range but he has that trademark Snape sass in spades β€” he would definitely hit you with a book, don't try to deny it!

    Albus Dumbledore β€” Ian McKellen

    Warner Bros., Nicholas Hunt / Via Getty Images

    He's played a wizard before to infinitely quotable acclaim: There's really only one gay man for the job!

    Bellatrix Lestrange β€” Angelina Jolie

    Warner Bros., Ernesto S. Ruscio / Via Getty Images

    You know Angelina can play dark-sided, and she's got the British accent DOWN, so what are we waiting for?

    Rubeus Hagrid β€” Stephen Fry

    Warner Bros., Mike Marsland / Via Getty Images

    In the nicest way possible, Stephen Fry has those gentle giant vibes just like Hagrid β€” amiright?

    Lord Voldemort β€” Andrew Scott

    Warner Bros., Jeff Spicer / Via Getty Images

    He's portrayed a villain before in Sherlock and it was VERY convincing. I think Andrew could just about manage playing the most powerful dark wizard of all time!

    Ginny Weasley β€” Indya Moore

    Warner Bros., Pascal Le Segretain / Via Getty Images

    Indya Moore can do no wrong and they would SLAP as Hogwarts' resident it-girl with all the magical prowess.

    Neville Longbottom β€” Ben Platt

    Warner Bros., Mike Coppola / Via Getty Images

    Obviouslyyyy Neville's defining characteristic is courage, but he's also really lovely, and I think Ben totally embodies both of those things.

    Luna Lovegood β€” Josie Totah

    Warner Bros., Frazer Harrison / Via Getty Images

    If you've ever seen Josie act, you know she's a fabulous, scene-stealing cutie worthy of playing fan fave Luna.

    Minerva McGonagall β€” Sarah Paulson

    Warner Bros., Emma Mcintyre / Via Getty Images

    Let's face it, Sarah can play anybody! But I believe she'd bring a certain je ne sais quoi to McGonagall for sure.

    Moaning Myrtle β€” Mara Wilson

    Warner Bros., Jason Kempin / Via Getty Images

    It's time for Mara's big acting comeback! And this would be an ideal fit considering her background in children's book adaptations.

    Sybil Trelawney β€” Kate McKinnon

    Warner Bros., Jeff Spicer / Via Getty Images

    Can you imagine what Kate could do with this part, the genius character actor that she is?!

    Sirius Black β€” Ben Whishaw

    Warner Bros., Stuart Wilson / Via Getty Images

    The lovely Ben Whishaw definitely has the acting chops to make us all feel things as Sirius.

    Cedric Diggory – Ezra Miller

    Warner Bros., Jamie Mccarthy / Via Getty Images

    I know he's in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, but hear me out β€” queer actor needed for older, attractive student at Hogwarts. Who could be more perfect?

    Argus Filch β€” Alan Cumming

    Warner Bros., Michael Loccisano/Wire Image / Via Getty Images

    I'd love to see bi British icon Alan Cumming's take on perennial fool Filch.

    Professor Sprout β€” Miriam Margolyes

    Warner Bros., Frazer Harrison / Via Getty Images

    Because some things don't need to be improved πŸ˜‰

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