18 Times British Comedy "Fresh Meat" Had Me Crying With Laughter

    "They're all cabbies in the north, Giles. For a price."

    If you've never heard of Fresh Meat, it's an incredibly hilarious comedy that ran on Channel 4 in the UK from 2011 to 2016 – and it's also available on Netflix right now!

    Set in the fictional Manchester Medlock University, the series follows an ensemble cast of six zany housemates – Vod, JP, Oregon, Kingsley, Howard, and Josie. Here are some of funniest moments from the entire series selected by a super-fan – me!

    1. When Vod first met Howard, and their subsequent verbal exchange pretty much summed up everything you need to know about both of them.

    2. When Oregon lied about having a car, got found out, and then awkwardly pretended she'd forgotten all about owning it.

    3. The time Josie and JP hooked up during freshers. JP helped Josie make her bed and then they had extremely cringeworthy sex.

    4. When the housemates were amazed by Josie's engineer boyfriend Dave's ability to fix things.

    5. When JP got creative with his insults.

    6. The time Josie accidentally had sex with JP again, despite having feelings for Kingsley.

    7. When JP introduced Giles, a school friend, to life in Manchester.

    8. When Oregon could really sing but she tried to be all nonchalant and modest about it.

    9. Every time JP referenced banter, or being a "baron of banter".

    10. When Oregon found out that Dylan – a guy she was seeing – was the son of a professor she'd hooked up with in her first term. So she chucked his phone in a pond, as you do.

    11. Then, when Dylan's mother found out Oregon's secret and threatened to expose her, she concocted a plan to gaslight her.

    12. When JP couldn't help but admire nature on a university field trip.

    13. When Howard wanted to revamp his image but no one was feeling it.

    14. When Josie found JP's dad's missing ashes in a skip, but then accidentally tipped them out.

    15. When Josie got kicked off her course and Vod started to speculate that she was a drug addict.

    16. When Vod didn't want to play gooseberry at an overnight drugs trial all her friends were attending.

    17. When Oregon wrote a damning and poorly disguised play about all of her housemates.

    18. And lastly, when Kingsley started to offer an apology to JP who was stuck up a cliff, but then JP decided to cut him off by landing on him.

    Did I miss out your favourite moment? Share it below in the comments!