This "Toy Story 3" TikTok Is Dividing Fans Who Can Hear Different Things, And I'm Having Blue/Gold Dress Flashbacks

    "Oh Barbie! Those were vintage!"

    So y'all know Toy Story 3 – one of the most beloved kids' films of all time? Well, turns out it's full of filthy innuendos, double entendres, and subliminal swearing!

    Cast your minds back to 2010 – do you remember when Barbie met Ken and he showed her around his dreamhouse?

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    Well – SPOILER – but later in the movie, Ken turns out to be a bit of a sod. So Barbie breaks up with him, some other stuff happens, and she ends up tying Ken up in his dreamhouse and ripping up his clothes in order to get answers out of him, as you do.

    Under new scrutiny, the good people of the internet are finding that in the part where Barbie tears up a pair of Ken's vintage swimming trunks, he responds with one of two things:

    toy story still shows ken tied up and barbie going through his clothes two captions say Oh Barbie Those were vintage and oh fuck Those were vintage

    Here's the clip that's going viral, and honestly, YES I can hear both:

    User @kittyfeeley posted the video last Saturday on TikTok, which now has more than 34 million views.

    Let's just say that people in the comments are starting to spiral, and we might just have another Yanny vs. Laurel or dress situation on our hands...

    comment on tiktok says i can hear both so clearly
    comment on tiktok says heard barbie the first and now i can't hear it anymore
    comment on tiktok says how can you hear barbie he ends with uck sound not I E

    @zacidk Alright this is some witchcraft shit

    Twitter: @kennetthss
    comment on tiktok says the new laurel or yanny

    The weird thing is, in this clip, the audio disparity isn't there. So really I don't know what is going on!

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    So, you know what I'm gonna ask you...

    Tell us what you make of this whole thing in the comments below!