19 Things Americans Always Seem To Have On TV And In Movies That I'm Seriously Jealous Of

    Ah, the "covetable cool teen bedroom"!

    When I was younger, watching movies with Americans in them was fascinating, and I've got to say, oftentimes I was jealous. Jealous of what you may ask? Well, here a just a few things I wish we had here in boring old Britain.

    1. Gloriously large and beautiful bedrooms with inbuilt features that I could only dream of!

    love simon and to all the boys i’ve loved before are getting credit for a lot on twitter this weekend, but one thing they’re NOT getting enough credit for: bringing back the covetable, cool teen bedroom

    2. No fixed school attire – meaning every day is non-school-uniform-day!

    3. Really nice cars that you can drive at 16.

    An image from A Cinderella Story showing Carter standing beside a white car with Hilary Duff's character Sam in the driver's seat. He says, what I have to go to school in

    4. Amazing all-out proms and dances where people dress up and take dates.

    5. Parents that frequently go out of town leaving their massive homes open for a "rager".

    A stacked image showing Aaron Samuels turning around in class to talk to Cady Herron in Mean Girls. He says we're having a Halloween party at my friend Chris's tonight do you want to come, and replies grool

    6. Lovingly put together yearbooks that one can look back on once one has hardened with age.

    The Sunnydale yearbook pictures: Cordelia, Xander, Willow, and Oz #buffy

    7. Pools in back gardens, which must be an absolute dream.

    8. Summer camps where you get to do all sorts of fun activities and make lots of friends.

    3 images from The Parent Trap. In image 1 Hallie stands with a girl by a pile of bags and they look at someone off screen and say that's my kind of woman. In image 2 the girl turns around and Hallie says yo, tie-dye girl. In image 3 they are all together

    9. An amazing roof that you can somehow climb out onto at night and look at the stars.

    10. That one teacher you can pal around with.

    A stacked image showing stills from the movie Easy A. Olive stands with her teacher in the canteen. He says what are you doing and she replies nothing. He then says don't forget tomorrow's Earth Day

    11. Spring break, in which you go on an outrageous sunny holiday with your best friends.

    12. Sexy bonfires on the beach with your mates in which you talk about staying friends forever.

    A still from the movie The Hangover shows the four guys on the beach sitting around a small bonfire

    13. Those red solo cups to drink out of at parties.

    14. Big landings that overlook the entire house and make it look like some sort of palace.

    15. Infinitely better breakfast food, including but limited to: streaky bacon, bagels with cream cheese, stacked pancakes, and waffles!

    16. Take your child to work days, which for some reason, I would've killed for as a child.

    A still from Brooklyn 99 shows Jake, Terry, and Boyle with three children in their police precinct office area

    17. Bright yellow school buses that seems to be a proper thing, unlike the occasional minivan we get in the UK.

    18. Super exciting school presidential campaigns that wonderfully capture the exuberant spirit of electoral politics.

    19. And last but not least, a beautiful and serene lake house that you just so happen to have for impromptu weekends away.

    A stacked image shows stills from Cheaper by the Dozen in which the family stand by their car and look at something off screen while Sarah says wow. The second image shows a luxurious lake house