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    10 Straightforward Ways To Handle The Awkward Situations You Live In Fear Of

    Turns out, you can kick people out at the end of your party.

    I love rules. I like when someone tells me how to do something and then I can just comply and be successful. But I've always been 🤔 about etiquette.

    Here are all the situations I'll now handle more confidently.

    1. When you throw a party and it's late and your guests won't freaking leave:

    2. When running a little late throws you into a complete panic:

    3. When you're hanging out with people for a few days and desperately need a break:

    4. When you'd like to kiss someone hello without having a fender bender to the face:

    5. When you're just not sure if you should do a hello handshake or hug:

    6. When you want to make it clear that you're not a hugger:

    7. When someone mispronounces your name and you are wondering if you should correct them:

    8. When someone is behaving badly* in public:

    9. When you're trapped in an endless conversation and need an exit strategy:

    10. When you forget someone's name: