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What Food Would You Choose For Your Final Meal?

Tell us the meal you love so damn much you want it to be your very last.

We all have our favorite meals.

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That special thing our mom makes, that epic thing we had on a trip once, the super delicious fast food meal that's too good to not order every time you have the chance, etc., etc,

But have you ever thought about the meal that's SO FREAKING GOOD that you don't want to leave earth without having it one last time?

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Now's your chance!

OK, so it's a little dark. But without thinking too much about your own mortality (unless you really want to), if you had to choose a meal to have one last time, what would it be?

Maybe it's that wicked gourmet thing you had at a fancy restaurant once.

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Maybe it's your dad's meatloaf with your grandma's apple pie for dessert.

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Or perhaps it's your favorite breakfast meal...washed down with a fancy red wine.

@mcdonalds / Via

Maybe you just want whiskey and a slab of chocolate.

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So tell us: What is your dream final meal?

We want the details: is it homemade or from a restaurant? What would you wash it down with? Does the meal have sentimental value? Tell us everything in the dropbox below and your submission could be included in a future BuzzFeed Health post.