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This Is What Women Who Lift Weights Actually Look Like

Spoiler: You probably won't get bulky (unless you really want to) but you definitely will look and feel like a boss.

So, you've heard that lifting weights makes women look "bulky."

And just, well, unattractive.

But did you know that how muscular you get has to do with how much you train, your diet, and your genetics?

BuzzFeed Life reached out to Dr. Florence Comite, a New York City-based endocrinologist who specializes in precision medicine, to ask her if women who follow workout plans that call for lifting moderately heavy weights a few times per week for 45 minutes or an hour each time will get noticeably bulky. Her answer? "Unlikely."

She explains that getting super muscular happens more readily to people with high levels of testosterone, levels generally present in men. Most women who don't have a condition (like polycystic ovary syndrome, for example) that results in elevated testosterone just don't have the hormones needed to pack on big, visible muscles.

The exception: high-level athletes who spend hours each day lifting heavy weights and eating a tightly controlled, low-fat diet, which, Comite says, would be a full-time job.

In other words, the vast majority of women who lift weights, even heavy ones, a few times a week as part of their exercise routine...

Someone who might get crazy muscular is this elite CrossFit athlete, who was named Fittest Woman on Earth in 2013.

She lifts incredibly heavy weights a lot. And eats to fuel that training. So, you know: muscles.

On the other hand, the body/physical changes you can count on happening include speedier metabolism.

No, seriously: It burns fat more efficiently than steady-state cardio (e.g. hours on the treadmill).

In fact, you're likely to feel downright unstoppable.

But OK, back to the "how weightlifting will make you look" thing.

You will definitely look badass.

And ready to take on anything.

Which, btw, you are. Whether that means flipping a tire...

...Or standing that loaded barbell up.

...Or setting up for the perfect lift.

...Or getting a kettlebell over your head.

You'll also definitely look like you're having fun breaking your own personal records.

In fact, you're liable to look like you're having the time of your life.

Which tbh you probably are.

Whether it's because you've made friends with other badass women lifters.

Or because you know you're about to do something incredible.

Or because you just did something incredible.

And you love the feeling of crushing your workout.

So, yeah, when it comes to body composition and goals, everyone is different.

And there's no one or right way to look.

But feeling strong and powerful is pretty boss.

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