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15 Unique Alternatives To Burying Your Body After You Die

Don't shuffle off this mortal coil without making plans for your meat sack.

You've probably heard of death. It's coming for all of us.

1. Get turned into a diamond.

2. Donate yourself to a body farm.

3. Get buried in a suit made from mushrooms and compost yourself.

4. Get planted and grow into a tree.

5. Become part of the ocean's habitat.

6. Get cremated at a facility that recycles unused energy from its cremations into electricity.

7. Donate your body to a medical education program.

8. Fill your body up with plastic (for science).

9. Get turned into fireworks and let a dazzling light show launch you into the heavens.

10. Get your ashes pressed into a playable vinyl record with the audio of your choice.

11. Become a glass sculpture, accessory, or piece of jewelry.

12. Get launched into outer space.

13. Live on in an urn or figure bearing your (or your hero's) likeness.

14. Float gently to the heavens in a biodegradable balloon.

15. Get cryonically frozen (and hopefully reanimated someday!).

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