18 Types Of People Who Make Queer People Say "Oh Boy"

    Allies, PFLAG moms, flirtatious straights...the gang's all here!

    1. The "ally" who needs to tone it down ASAP.

    2. The person who wants you to know they think it's A SHAME that you're not straight.

    3. That relative who always makes sure to use the word "choice" when talking about your "lifestyle."

    4. The coworker who's like, "Dating would be so much easier if I was a lesbian."

    5. Your doctor, who somehow can't make heads or tails of your sex life.

    6. That straight bestie who gets real handsy with you when they're drunk.

    7. That new acquaintance who thinks it's a compliment to tell you that you "pass" for straight.

    8. That one comedian who's like "LGBTQ....LMNOP. Alphabet soup, amirite?"

    9. White all-gays-matter gays.

    10. The parent who, since you came out, keeps reminding you that it could just be a phase.

    11. And also the really extra pride mom.

    12. That guy who just wants to understand "how you have sex."

    13. The totally unabashed public starer.

    14. The relative who's constantly making it awkward.

    15. And the relative who surprises you by being really accepting.

    16. That person who's totally stumped that you're not one or the other.

    17. That friend who thinks they're going to heaven because they have a gay friend or two.

    18. And, of course, the acquaintance who's like, "Who's the man in your relationship?"