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Here's How This Man Quit Drugs, Alcohol, And Junk Food And Lost 125 Pounds

No crash diets, trainers, or nutritionists. This is how he did it.

Welcome to BuzzFeed Health's new health transformation series, where we share the stories of people who have made incredible overhauls to their health, fitness, and lifestyles. Want to share your own story or tell us about the health transformation of someone you love? Email

Stephen Odom, 28, is a photographer and live music production assistant living in Houston. He spoke with BuzzFeed Life about how he overhauled his health and fitness and changed his life. Here's his story.

Odom was a high school student when his recreational drug use turned into a devastating addiction.

In his early twenties, Odom hit rock bottom and knew he needed to make some changes.

Even though he completed rehab and was in thriving recovery, he still felt something was missing.

The change was gradual — one lifestyle tweak at a time — and Odom loves where he is now.

Here are six things that helped Odom get healthier. They're his top tips for changing your lifestyle.