14 Ways To Be A Healthyish Eater Right Now

    Tried and true but manageable tips to help you become healthyish.

    1. Don't start a diet or eating plan you wouldn’t feel comfortable following for the next five years.

    2. Stop thinking of certain foods as "good" and others as "bad."

    3. If something sounds too extreme for you, it probably is.

    4. Think of every meal as an opportunity to be healthier.

    5. Don't cut out all fat. Just eat it wisely.

    6. Ask yourself: "Is this made of real food or something that would require a lab to make?"

    7. Think about how a food will make you feel after you eat it.

    8. Don't make daily choices based on what the scale says.

    9. Just go ahead and avoid all those fat-free or low-fat products.

    10. Don't be married to the idea that there's only one way for you to be healthy.

    11. Spend some time learning more about what you're eating.

    12. Don't ditch carbs "just because."

    13. Give yourself lots of time to become a healthier eater.

    14. Eat healthily most of the time and indulge a little, too.

    Responses have beed edited for clarity and length. Social image by Lauren Zaser from here.