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A Running Magazine Put A Plus-Size Model On Its Cover And People Are Into It

This is what a runner looks like.

The August 2015 issue of the magazine Women's Running features NYC runner Erica Schenk.

Who also happens to be a model.

A plus-size model on the cover of a magazine — especially a fitness magazine — is relatively rare.

"There's a stereotype that all runners are skinny, and that's just not the case," the magazine's editor-in-chief, Jessica Sebor, told

Which is why people were excited and emotional to see Schenk on the cover.

I almost cried when I opened my mailbox and seen a thick girl like me ON THE COVER. Thank you @WomensRunning 👏💞

@WomensRunning gave me chills because this is incredibly awesome. THANK YOU, said every girl and woman in America.

@WomensRunning beautiful! Thank you for this wonderful cover with a lovely woman runner that shows all sizes run! Thank you! thank you!

@WomensRunning Makes me wonder if I can run...? Maybe it's time to stop worrying about what others think and just do it?

This is 👌 proving that runner's come in all shapes and sizes. Smashing that stereotype! Well done #womensrunning mag👏

#WCW Goes to the totally fierce #plussizemodel #EricaSchenk. Thanks to #WomensRunningmagazine…

"Some women believe that since they have curves they can’t run or shouldn’t run," Schenk said.

But a person doesn't have to look any particular way to be a runner.

The cover is definitely a step toward dispelling the myth that runners come in one size — thin.