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7 Low-Key Ways To Get A Little Fitter This Week

Integrating exercise into your day doesn't need to be overwhelming.

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1. Add some couch-based moves to your next TV binge.

Check out workouts to go along with shorter sitcoms and longer dramas here.

3. Take your walking up a notch (gradually).

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There's no need for your first workout (or first workout in a while) to be an all-out sprint. In fact, if you start nice and easy, you'll probably finish feeling strong and maaaaaybe even enjoy the experience, which will make you more likely to do it again.

4. Or make cardio a lot more interesting by turning it into a zombie chase.

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Zombies, Run! is a free app that makes you the main character in a story about outrunning the undead. Listen as you go (you can play your own music and use the app at the same time) to move through the story, picking up supplies and completing missions.

Bonus: no need to self-motivate to go a little harder when you exercise; the built-in zombie chases will have you speeding up here and there throughout.


5. Exercise to DJ-curated playlists that are actually designed to help you power through a workout.

Throwing on Pandora is fine but listening to a DJ-curated playlist customized for your workout is better. RockMyRun has playlists for every activity (running, walking, intervals, elliptical, weights, cycling, and more), mood (high-energy, beastmode, feel good, etc.), and pace (measured both by beats per minute and mile per minute).

6. Whip up a delicious post-workout snack to look forward to (that you only eat after exercising).

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Instead of grabbing whatever's around after you exercise, make your post-workout snack something delicious and special so that you actually look forward to it. It's not about earning food with exercise, it's about pairing exercise with something you love, the way you would with a special playlist or your favorite tank top.

7. Get in a few abs moves before work.

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If you have a few minutes each day, you can do some no-impact abs exercises that are totally modifiable depending on where you're at fitness-wise. Check out three moves (and a three-week challenge if you're up to it!) here.